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Congratulations to the newest member of Scarborough's Young Guns Brigade! We're having a ball watching you guys race at the Downs! With Longshot Matty at Scarborough Downs! He and driver Matty Athearn made it look all so easy, gliding to victory after drilling an opening quarter of 28 seconds flat! Congratulations to the connections following this eye-popping performance! Shes A Maverick defeated Cab Bearnaise in Maine Sire Stakes action on Thursday, evening the score in what might well be shaping up to be a season-long rivalry!

After the first 4 legs of this Maine-bred series, both fillies now boast two sire stakes wins each! And with eight legs to go, what an amazing summer of heated rematches might loom! The win was the 30th career score for the track record holder who shows no sign of slowing down as he campaigns into his 8-year-old season! What a great group of top-class trotters we have at the Downs this year and what a great opportunity awaits them to showcase their talents in the upcoming renewal of the Joseph Ricci Memorial Trotting Series which is set to be contested throughout the month of August!

Trotters rule at Scarborough Downs! Here he scores his 50th driving win of the season at Scarborough with the Maine-bred pacing star, Darlington Stripe , as he continues to cement his status as the second rated pilot at the Downs! What an outstanding season this year-old is having! Way to go Mitch! It's been a pretty busy week for Matthew Athearn, one of the young rising stars along the New England harness racing circuit.

On Tuesday he won the th race of his career while driving at Plainridge Racecourse and then today he celebrated his 20th birthday with a trip down Victory Lane here at Scarborough Downs! Cheers to the Birthday Boy with wishes for many more accomplishments and benchmark wins! The sky might just be the limit for Matty Ice! With 76 local wins this year, Campbell is firmly entrenched at the top of the leader's board here at the Downs, he's also currently the top dash winner at Plainridge Racecourse, and he's still the top percentage driver in all of North America!

What will Drew do for an encore? Get to the Track on Sunday at to find out for yourself! Your A Gambler's Son left , a year-old Maine-bred who is in the midst of his final year at the races is still more than capable of showing the youngsters a thing or two! The young colts might be just a little bit faster and a little bit flashier, but experience and drive count mean something - You can never count the old guys out!

Maine Sire Stakes action took center stage at the Downs on Sunday as the three-year-old trotting divisions made their first local appearance of the season. In one of many standout efforts, Peregrine Elanas kicked off a great day of trotting fun by flying down the middle of the stretch to score the very first win of her career!

Read a detailed recap of all the day's outstanding stakes efforts here! What an amazing race, what an amazing mile, what an amazing horse! You want fast horses and tight finishes at the races? Well, we've got all that and more this year at the Downs! Included in that tally was a sizzling The memorial was won by the year-old veteran racehorse, Malek Hanover with driver Bo Sowers at the helm during a Maine Amateur Driving Club event; fittingly as Bobby was a member and regular participant in the club during his tenure at Scarborough Downs.

Bobby Gray may be gone, but he will never be forgotten along the state of Maine and Northeast circuits - A good man was taken far too soon. Don't miss all the colorful action at Scarborough Downs this season! Currently the second leading trainer at the Downs this season, Chris will often don his colors to take a turn in the sulky when the MADC events get carded, and today scored his third career win as a provisional driver in the process!

You can catch Chris and all the other notable amateur drivers when the popular MADC returns to the Downs on June 7th, as we card our first Thursday performance of the year! Get Back to the Track to cheer him on! The well-earned victory marked the first win at the Downs for driver John Beckwith who, thankfully, is back in action after being sidelined by a horrific automobile accident suffered last year. Lightning hot driver Mitch Cushing , who gained the catch-drive this weekend, promptly worked out the winning strategy and in doing so, claimed his third win on card, while cementing his status as the second leading driver at the Downs!

We can't wait to Get Back to the Track next weekend to cheer these streaking performers on! He'll surely be pegged as the horse to beat in the second leg of the Dirigo Series next Saturday so join the chorus and Get Back to the Track to cheer him on! What fun it is to watch these guys cheering their favorites on while enjoying themselves at the track!

The Bowdoin end of term party just keeps getting better every single year! We can't wait to see them Back at the Track in ! Air Force Grad has now won 4 straight races at Scarborough Downs this year and remarkably has done so with 4 different drivers teaming him home! Cushing , who just this month graduated from college, couldn't have been any prouder of her beautiful gray, and while she'll soon be putting her recently earned degree to work by launching a new career as a Registered Nurse, she vows that she'll still make time to Get Back to the Track!

With a winning horse like Air Force Grad , who can blame her? He scored fast-class wins with JJ's Jet Hat's off to Drew! Drew Campbell has been in complete command all season long at the Downs but never more so than the past two weekends. Last weekend Campbell put together back-to-back grand slam performances while bringing 8 winners down Victory Lane and this weekend he did the deed one better by winning five races in front of the HUGE Kentucky Derby Day crowd on Saturday and then adding four more tallies to close out the week on Sunday afternoon!

All told, Drew has won 17 of his last 34 starts at the Downs for an astounding. Lately it seems, you can't go too far wrong betting on Drew! From start to finish, Drew Campbell called all his own shots this past weekend at the Downs, belting Grand Slam performances on both Saturday and Sunday while forcefully reaffirming his status as the top rated pilot at the raceway!

The race developed into an epic campaign, with the top three finishers separated by a mere head at the wire, but if you're going to win battles at the raceway, it only makes sense, to have an Air Force Grad fighting on your side! Here he holds court with the trotter Prince C Hall , coasting to an open-length victory, smack dab in the midst of his successful session! It was a regal day indeed for the man in maroon and gold colors!

Standardbred racehorses face mandatory retirement at the conclusion of their year-old seasons but don't anyone tell Kid Courageous about that plan The veteran class-master is having way too much fun winning races and acting like a colt! Get Back to the Track and cheer the Kid on! Even when the weather outside is frightful - A day at the track is delightful! We can't wait to Get Back to the Track next weekend!

The man in maroon and gold scored convincing wins in the first three races of the afternoon card including this open-length victory with the veteran pacer, Mc Rusty! Whether its horse or driver, class and ability will alway shine through! What an amazing day for Mitch and Mc Rusty! Who says you have to go to a casino to win your own pot of gold? Youth must be served but 'ya give just a little bit of deference to the veteran guys too! Here he glides down Victory Lane after revving up the engines behind Keystone Camaro - And while Camaros are sporty, Sower's Saturday performance can best be described as a Cadillac Day!

Read the press release here - Photo by Michael Newman. Drew Campbell brought the curtain down on the year in grand style, winning two races on the card including the season's finale with Gordon Du Bois' trotter, Just The Right Touch. Drew exited the winner's circle after the last bugle had sounded as the undisputed Leading Driver at the Downs, boasting an impressive wins at the track this year - Nearly triple the tally of his closest competitor! What a season it was for all of us at the Downs and we're already planning on doing it up even better in !

Opening Day has been scheduled for March 24 so mark your calendars now - We can't wait to see you all Back at the Track next year! For the 11th consecutive season, a special retirement ceremony was held at Scarborough Downs to celebrate the careers of the grand year-olds who have graced our racetrack over the years.

Today, they reclaimed the limelight while visiting the winner's circle one final time to the delight and applause of their adoring fans. When the dust had settled, the big city import had easily scored an open-length domination over the home town girls, stopping the clock in What a great day to take a nice, scenic, and profitable mid-autumn road trip to Maine! Who needs a trip to the casino when you can track down your very own pot of gold at Scarborough Downs! Feel the Excitement!

Get to the Track! Harness excitement featured every Saturday and Sunday with a Post time! The 8th leading harness driver of all time delighted the fans all afternoon long while demonstrating the talents which made him one of the leading drivers of his generation. Here he enjoys the first of his three trips down Victory Lane with the veteran pacer Real Yankee! Casey's back in town and based upon the enthusiasm of Saturday's crowd, the fans couldn't be more excited! The win was one of three Sire Stakes Championships won by the team of Heath Campbell and Valerie Grondin during the picture perfect mid-autumn afternoon!

Read the press release and check out all the exciting details and photos of all the other winners here! Never one to go out with a whimper, the closing day performance featured the third consecutive Sire Stakes win from Prince Of The Forest , a masterful five win day from driver Drew Campbell , and a brilliant display of dominance from trainer Ryan Abel who was a perfect five for five while sending winners to the post! The cream surely rose to the top on closing day at the Downs and we just can't wait to swing back into action for the fall meet which begins on October 15th!

Read the Press Release here - photo by Michael Newman. Read all about the track record and the day's other Sire Stakes action here! Pictured here, "Double D" lands his second win on the card after navigating the seaside oval in a command module powered by the classy Fritzie Rocket! These guys were simply Out of This World on Thursday! Rocnrolwilneverdie has been one of the major player at the Downs this year, scoring his first win of the season during Opening Weekend back in March and then promptly running off an imposing four race win streak to become one of the early stories of the year.

Remarkably, this veteran pacer has now finished either first or second in 8 of 9 starts at the Downs this year! Who says the "Horses for Courses" theory doesn't hold true! Read all about the remarkable filly and all the day's Maine Sire Stakes news here! If it's Sire Stakes swagger you want, then Kevin Switzer is your man! This is what Sire Stakes Racing is all about! Read the press release detailing the excitement and drama of Sunday's epic battle here!

The man in orange and black is so zeroed in right now that seemingly, he can do no wrong! Here he notches his 5th top tally with the pacer Through The Fence , who scooted up through the seam, after sitting the perfect pocket journey! Campbell is simply through the roof at the Downs right now! Check out the speed captured in Michael Newman's magical photo as the dashing duo go whizzing by!

Read all about the outstanding effort and all the other Sire Stakes action here! It was shades of the Rochester Fair on Saturday at the Downs as the 2nd raced featured a fierce competition between two Granite State harness drivers. Despite the epic early battle, still only a half-length separated the two at the wire! You just can't beat the excitement of a day at the races! Drew Campbell continues to soar through the season at Scarborough Downs, building an almost insurmountable lead atop the the Driver's Standings, while winning nearly double the number of races of his nearest rival!

Cheers to you Drew - What a Big League day at the races! Here, Davis denies his top rival at the wire, just hanging on with Alternat Thursdays over a hard charging rally from Uncle Freddie and Drew! When it comes to our two top rated drivers this weekend, it was a classic case of "Anything you can do I can do better" - And what a great show they put on at the Downs! Here he completes his grand slam in a tight photo with Shea Writes Right who, in the process, earned her 25th career win at the races!

You can't go far wrong betting on Grand Slam Drew at the Downs! To make matters all the sweeter though, his quasi-stablemate, Luceman won his stakes race too, much to the delight of co-owners Florence O'Keefe and KDK Standardbreds! Read all about their remarkable Stakes Sweep here! Here he basks in Winner's Circle Glory accompanied by his trusty steed and his family! Mitchell Cushing adds his autograph to this young fan's collection during a trackside meet and great session with the drivers! We bet this little girl will never forget this amazing Family Fun Day moment!

Shane Taggart crosses the finish line on top to claim victory in the Bouncy Horse Showdown! Nobody Bounces Like Shane! Read all about his delectable exploits and all the other amazing Sire Stakes performances here! Read all about the exciting stakes races here - photo by Derek Davis. Standardbred race horses are required by rule to hang up their bridles at the conclussion of their year-old seasons - We always root for them - And these game campaigners have always held a pretty special place in our hearts.

Corky Baran above won for the 41st time in his career with driver Todd Whitney at the helm and then in the very next race, Mitch Cushing guided CR Fixed Asset below home for his 37th career score! Way to go old-timers! What a great way to show those young colts and fillies a thing or two! Read all about the epic performance here - photo by Michael Newman. Saturday's Winning fast races seems easy for A Hard Days Night! Some horses are aptly named while others just seem to find a way to live up to their monikers - Pembroke Perfect has deftly managed to fit both bills!

The Maine Sire Stakes Champion has now run off an imposing nine race win streak while remaining undefeated for precisely one full year! That may not exactly equate to perfection, but it's pretty darn close! Fuzzy Sweater has always been a great check-getter, finishing 2nd or 3rd in 10 of her freshman starts in a combination of Maine and Massachussetts Sire Stakes action last season, but now as a sophomore she's gotten her first taste of winning and it seems the filly just can't get her fill!

Despite the mid-summer warmth, that Fuzzy Sweater looks pretty darn fashionable right now! The score was one of four on the day for the lightning hot Drew Campbell who continued to demonstrate all the skills and abilities that have made him the top dog at the Downs once again this season! What a great day to be at the track!

Read all about the freshman stakes stars here! Read all about his heroics here - photo by Michael Newman. Fox Cast and driver Wallace Watson keep their eyes on the prize as the duo just get up over Pembroke Morgan and Heath Campbell at the wire! Read all about the excitement here! When the dust had settled a mere neck separated the two top-class steeds as JJ's Jet just clipped by at the wire!

The mile was timed in a sizzling What a great day at the races! Here he gets the party started with a brand new lifetime mark behind Luceman and then everything just seemed to fall into line from that moment on! Meadows Rosebud pictured here kicked the action off with a sterling score as Kevin Switzer, Jr appeared just a passenger behind the powerful filly!

Shes A Maverick and driver John Nason made all the right moves on Saturday as the duo teamed up to claim victory in the very first Maine Sire Stakes race held at the Downs this year! Here's to an awesome year of cheering the young Maine-Breds home! The win was one of two on the program for veteran driver John Beckwith too, as old school talent ruled the roost at the Downs on Thursday! Real Yankee may be a year-old veteran at the races, but his penchant for winning certainly has been diminished by the passing of time! What a great way to close out a fantastic weekend at the Downs!

But not only did the The win was one of three on the day for driver Kevin Switzer, Jr who also scored top honors with Regulus N and Luceman earlier in the afternoon! To twist the old adage - All that sparkles is not gold Sometimes diamonds shine the brightest! Her official racing name is Royal Hawaii , around the barn her nickname is Hawaii , but in actuality, her real name should be WINNER based upon her penchent for reaching the finish line in front!

Way to go Royal Hawaii ! Small stables may not get the headlines that the big and powerful ones do, but for decades they have been the lifeblood of the harness racing industry, and when they are successful it's a justifiable cause for celebration. Pictured here, Glow Again and driver Nick Graffam complete the trainer double for Smith, just two races after stable-mate Happy Surprise struck first! We're pretty sure these two winning steads will be competing for bragging rights back in their stalls tonight! What a great job - Well done! The New Zealand imported pacer posted his second consecutive score at the Downs, while remaining undefeated in state of Maine competition by claiming victory in the Free For All pace!

Impressively, both his wins have generated the fastest miles recorded locally this season, with Saturday's What a blazing effort from Burning! Check out "Double D's" confident style as he cruises with Yellow Hawkeye pictured to cement the hat trick performance! You can catch more of Dan and all our amazing drivers this weekend at the Downs as live harness racing returns on Saturday at and Sunday at - Get to the Track!

It may have been 50 years since the release of the Sgt. Make a date at the Downs to see what Ringo does for an encore! We've got front row seats available with your name written all over them! What a great way to kick off the Memorial Day Weekend at the Downs! See ya back at the track on Sunday - Post Time!

Way to go Louis! For the 5th year in a row, the men and women of Bowdoin College donned their finest apparell and gathered at the Downs to cheer their favorites down Victory Lane! What started as a small gathering, consisting of a couple dozen guys a few short years ago, grew this year to a strong contingent numbering over strong! It's become an event that the horsemen and staff at the Downs look forward to every year - The day that the Bowdoin Polar Bears take over the raceway! With jackpots like that, who needs a casino?

You Bet - You Can Win! Blue skies and green grass make a day at the track an enjoyable occasion but sometimes the weatherman says, "Ya just gotta go play in the mud! How's that for a special present? Switzer, Jr. Look at the handsome trotter simply gliding to the wire with the lightning hot Drew Campbell in the pilot's seat! The win was one of three on the day for Campbell! Last week's winning trip was engineered by driver Mark Athearn but this week it was his son Matty Athearn's chance to steer the top-class mare down Victory Lane!

The photo-finish camera repeatedly gets put to the test this year as the season of blanket finishes continues at the Downs! This is what harness racing is all about folks, and we're proud to showcase it at Scarborough Downs! The win was the second in a row for the veteran campaigner as the seasonal trend of tight finishes continued at the Downs! The veteran campaigner now stands a perfect 4 for 4 on the year and with Sunday's What a great day for the Thayer Roster!

Big payoffs, tight finishes and Jimmy Whittemore were the stories of the day at the Downs on Saturday , with the man in the red and white colors mastering the mud, to score three wins on the eight race card! Shawn Thayer continued to hold the hot hand at the Downs this past weekend, cementing his position atop both the driver and trainer standings while steering four winners down Victory Lane, including three from his own roster!

Way to trump the competition guys! Early in the program, Eddie sped around the oval timed in You won't want to miss a single, zippy hoofbeat of the holiday card! Heading into this weekend's action, Shawn Thayer can certainly be considered "Top Dog" at the Downs with the man in the Blue and White colors commanding the leading spots atop both the driver and trainer standings!

Check out the talented teamster and his lightning hot stable of horses this weekend at the Downs! What an amazing way to finish up the action at the Downs this week and we can't wait to do it all over again next weekend! See you all back at the track on Saturday and Sunday - Post Time ! Everybody loves watching a gray horse race, but the fun gets especially thrilling when holding winning tickets on one!

Most impressive of all, perhaps, was the first race appearance by their grand year-old campaigner, Idealist , who celebrated his first state of Maine start by visiting the winner's circle for the 43rd time of his illustrious career! What an awesome effort from an amazing horse! A huge crowd cheered for all the fast horses and everybody won big as the Downs opened it's doors for the 67th consecutive year! Live racing will be proudly featured every Saturday and Sunday with first post time slated for PM so catch the excitement and "Get to the Track!

Even winter storm Stella couldn't dampen our enthusiasm for the March 25th Opening Day card! Drew Campbell put on an absolute clinic on Closing Day of the meet at Scarborough Downs, scoring 5 wins on the 9 race program! Here he confidently steers Kim's Day to her 15th career win, just before claiming victory in the George Wentworth Memorial , the final live race of the season!

No One does it better than Drew! Now the only thing we have to fear is Closing Day as we bring the curtain down on the meet with a 9 race program on Sunday! Don't miss your chance to Get to the Track one final time this year - Post Time on Sunday is at ! Talk about enjoying a Home Field Advantage!

What a great day at the races as eight year-old racehorses took one final trip to the winner's circle before hanging up their bridles and heading off to their new careers as pleasure and leisure horses! Jimmy Whittemore always seems to enjoy himself at the races and why would he when given the chance to drive such an awesome horse as A Sweet Ride?

Smile pretty for the camera guys! Here he ekes out a narrow victory with Keystone Stately , just getting up over Fort Bragg , after executing a perfect ground saving strategy in the 7th. Those hands of gold sure came through on Black Friday! The win was one of two on the program for driver Dan Deslandes to, andf with both horse and driver decked out in festive red and green colors, can there be a better way to usher in the holiday season at the Downs?

Check out the determination on Eddie's face as he scores his 4th win of the day behind Ashlee's Cool Gal while taking top honors in the Joyce Tiner Memorial Pace. This is what harness racing is all about! The win was one of two on the program for the year-old reinsman who has now climbed into 12th place on the Leaders Board in his first full year of driving! What a dream season for the up-and-comer! The win was the 35th career victory for the 8-year-old veteran, and the 13th already this year alone! What an outstanding season for Northern Ideal! This race was one of the few times that driver Drew Campbell was repelled on Friday though, as the man in orange and black scored 4 wins on the card!

Here he glides down Victory Lane with a recent New York invader named Dibs , one of the newest additions to the meet leading Bo Sowers roster! You just can't beat Eddie when he calls Dibs! Left unclaimed today, she gets to return home tonight and what could be a more fitting home for Kim's Day than a stable run by a woman named Kim? Giddy Up Ryan! What a great day for Team Athearn! The score was one of four victorious strategies for driver Drew Campbell on the card too, as the man in black and orange continues his mastery at The Downs!

Tough to beat the Bodyguard and Drew! Luigi and driver Matty Athearn brought the fans to their feet on Sunday as the veteran pacer scored the 32nd win of his career. Bravo, eccellente Luigi! Buon cavallo! Jimmy Whittemore thrived over the muddy raceway on Saturday , steering two winners to victory from the eight race program. Here, Jimmy can't seem to hide his glee at getting the trotter Explosive Ripple home on top! What a great afternoon to be at the track! Way to go Drew! Get set for more exciting battles to the wire next week as live harness racing will be featured Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a Post Time!

Here he keeps sailing along with Royal Hawaii who has now finished either 1st or 2nd in 17 of 22 starts this year! What amazing success stories for the veteran trotting mare and the meet's leading driver! The Way Life Should Be is one of the state of Maine's mottos, so how appropriate is it that a horse of the same name now calls the Pine Tree State home? Way to go guys! You both continue to make Maine proud!

He ultimately stopped the clock in an unhurried Gerry Smith former trainer was nice enough to sell him and we were nice enough to pay the price. She ground out the win in extended overland fashion while withstanding unrelenting late pressure through the lane from Just A Little Evil Heath Campbell with the pair reaching the wire nearly in lockstep timed in The Noble Venture — Sassy Cathy gelding who was timed in He sure figured it out at the right time! Get to the track to cheer the Champ to victory! Read the press release here.

The Downs will now go on hiatus for the next five weeks as harness racing heads out on it's fairground swing Opening Day of the Fall meet is slated for October 14th! See you all back at the track next month! Here he coasts to the finish with the Randy Bickmore trained Ringo , one of three training wins on the card for Bickmore! You have just one more day to catch all the excitement of harness racing at the Downs as we close out our Summer Meet on Tuesday with a post time!

Make sure to Get to the Track one final time! We can't wait for Festival of Champions Day! Affectionately known along the backstretch as "The Aging Hippie" , Childs kept the field at bay around the final turn before sprinting to an open lengths victory with his newest roster member, Go West Lucky Cam! Here's to a couple of veteran performers who still have what it takes to land in the Winner's Circle! Life is pretty darn fun when you belt out a Grand Slam Day at the track! Nicknamed "The Little Red Trotter" , he is owned and lovingly cared for by Katie Flaherty , but no one seemd any more jubilant at the win than Katie's husband Kevin who was first to meet the chestnut in the winner's circle.

The victory sparked the beginning of a festive celebration at the Downs! We bet the party is still going strong! The Fans went wild for Adrian as "Purple Power" came through on the raceway once more! The victory was the second on the program for both driver Jimmy Whittemore and trainer Jamie Gerard as the duo completed a rather tasty day at the races! Cherry Crown Jewel is the new track record holder in the 4-year-old trotting mare division by virtue of her blazing Hats off to the rookie high-stepper who appears to be finding his best stride, just one start removed from the freshman finals!

The win was the first of the year for the Donna Smith trained pacer, and one of three on the day for Campbell , who now sits just one win away from Eddie Davis, Jr and the top spot in the Drivers Standings! Check out this study in concentration as Drew closes out his nifty day with a gate-to-wire win aboard Royal Hawaii in the finale!

When Campbell launches a hot streak it's time to climb aboard for the ride! That grin on Wisher's face is well deserved indeed! What an amazing day at the races! When the dust had settled and the crowd had hushed, the photo finish camera could not separate these two, and the mares were declared co-winners by the judges! There's always room for big celebrations in the winner's circle at the Downs! Kevin Switzer, Jr joined the prestigious "Mr. Driving for his father, the year-old Switzer positioned Race Me Villa in the pocket behind the expected speed of A Sweet Ride before pouncing three-wide through the final turn to secure the narrow victory over the hard-charging Escape The News before a jam packed crowd on Family Fun Day!

What a dramatic way to earn your th career win! Way to go KS-2! The victory was one of three on the day for driver Kevin Switzer, Jr who now sits just five away from joining the win club! Why not come watch history in the making this weekend at Scarborough Downs! Here he secures his first win of the day with a powerful performance behind Reys N A Commotion! Grand Slam Drew is clearly on the march! Stopping the clock in flat, he and driver Nick Graffam etched their names in the Scarborough annals, joining Bad Boy Billy who established the standard during the Maine Sire Stakes Finals of Way to hit one out of the park guys!

The win was the first of the year for the veteran pacer and one of three on the card for top-rated driver Drew Campbell! Twilight racing in Maine just can't be beat! Bilt For Desire above broke his maiden on Thursday timed in a brisk What a great day for this father and son team at the Downs! The win was her 4th of the season but her 1st "top class" victory since April when she put together 2 wins in-a-row!

Will this Maine-bred mare get streaky once again? Check her out in action at the races next weekend - Only at the Downs! Three horses trained by Kevin Switzer The Elder sped down Victory Lane including two driven by the year-old teamster himself, while Kevin Switzer, Jr paraded two of his own into the winner's circle as well. Harness Racing, family style , is pretty fun to watch!

The win was one of three on the twilight program for driver Drew Campbell who appears to have met his perfect dancing partner in Pembroke Boogie! Driven by Mark Athearn , the William Phipps owned trotter spun a zippy This photo shows Names Muscle right holding off a determined charge from Bryan's Angel , who ironically holds the track record What a great day to witness a Battle of Champions at the Downs! Jasmine K came up smelling like a rose as she etched her name onto the Scarborough Downs roll of honor, while equaling the track record for three-year-old filly trotters , with an effortless The Delaware-bred sophomore appears to be thoroughly enjoying her summer-time sojourn in Maine, so tune in next week to see how much faster she can go.

This filly can outright fly! Kevin Switzer, Jr. Switzer currently resides in second place in the local drivers standing, but impressively is ranked the third best percentage driver in all of North America with a hefty. Here he scores his 3rd win of the day with Mystican , holding off a determined stretch run from Call Me Hal to seal the deal at the wire!

What a great day for KS-2! What a great way to get things started on your very first trip to the track! Just one day removed from turning 18 and having his driver's license elevated to "Provisional" status, Matty Athearn wasted precious little time in finding the winner's circle, securing his very first win at an extended meet in his very first start at the Downs!

The year-old veteran, who once matched strides with the likes of SomeBeachSomeWhere, Santana Blue Chip and Shadow Play , has been a stalwart campaigner in the the local claiming events ever since arriving in Maine back in June of What a gritty campaigner and what a fanatastic accomplishment!

Way to go old fella! Driver Mark Athearn continues to build upon on his growing reputation as one of the most capable teamsters when it comes to guiding rookie trotters down Victory Lane. What great trotters these these two have developed together and what a formidable partnership Athearn and Richards have built over the years - A partnership that certainly enjoyed plenty of success today!

Week after week, Lucks Gotta Change brings out the largest cheering section of any horse racing at the track and week after week they boisterously root her home! The freshman champion of her Maine Sire Stakes division last season, this Maine-bred lass has wasted precious little time serving notice that she's fully up to the task of adding the sophomore crown to her trophy cabinet in !

What an impressive filly! In Greek mythology, Persephonie ruled as the Queen of the Underworld and was heralded as the goddess of Spring, but here in Maine, her namesake waited for summer to be in full bloom before heralding the start of Maine Sire Stakes season at Scarborough Downs! What a race it was and what a career its been for the year-old teamster - Here's to more! Go Dan GO! While currently sitting in 3rd pace in the Trainers Standings, Hall has also been making the most of his limited appearances in the sulky this year, now claiming victory in 3 of his 4 seasonal starts!

Way to go Aaron! Surely, there will be plenty of "Family Style" bragging going on at the barn tonight! What a weekend for Drew! Two of those wins came here at the Downs, sandwiched around a sterling appearance at the Ridge last week! Who's the "Beast of the Northeast"? A Sweet Ride! What a day at the races! Drew Campbell put on a demonstration of "powerhouse style" driving on Thursday as the man in orange and black claimed victory six times on the card - The most wins on one day from any one driver thus far this year!

What a dominant day for Drew! What a great way to conclude the Triple Crown Season! The cagey old war horse scored bonus style points in the process too, stopping the clock in a blistering Way to show the youngsters a thing or two old fella! Joining the crew for the winner's circle photo was George Kerr far left , co-owner of Belmont Stakes hopeful Exaggerator!

Here's hoping the next time we see George in the winner's circle it's next Saturday afternoon at Belmont Park! Remember, post time for the Belmont card at Scarborough Downs will be at next Saturday! Cool Runnings might be a "horse of a different color" but he also fits the "Horses for Courses" theory right to a tee! The veteran pacer is now a perfect 3 for 3 when racing at Scarborough Downs this season after scorching a The win was one of 3 on the program for leading driver Eddie Davis, Jr.

Dustin White of Presque Isle! Talk about tripling your pleasure! The classy Alternat Thursdays right held off a late cavalry charge to win the 44th race of his brilliant career and get driver Kevin Switzer, Jr home for his second win on the program! Twilight racing rocks at the Downs! Race mares have been known to get streaky at times, and Glow Stick is certainly in the middle of an extremely favorable spell right now.

The win was one of two on the program for driver Dan Deslandes , helping to cement his current spot in third place on the leader's board! What a great team they make! By rule, standardbreds face mandatory retirement following their year-old seasons, and this veteran war horse seems intent on going out on his own terms! Scarborough Downs remains your perfect party destination whatever the occasion. Whether its a bachelor party, birthday party, family gathering or just a bunch of friends looking for an exiting afternoon adventure, a day at the track just can't be beat!

Give us a call X to reserve your party space at the Downs! Snazzy dress encouraged but not required! Congratulations all around and off to The Belmont on June 11th! Here he caps off the day with a well earned win behind Tony Absolut in the finale Way to go Grand Slam Dan! Here he confidently glides down Victory Lane with his Mom's horse, Funny Lena, one of two wins for the up-and-comer on Sunday! Way to go! Eddie Davis, Jr. Davis has completely dominated the action at the Downs over the last two weekends, having won 15 of the last 32 races programmed at the track!

Guess who we're betting on Sunday?!!! The win was the th in the year-old teamster's career! Way to go Ryan! We can't wait for the rematch in the Preakness on May 21st! How's that for precious poetry? Just as noteworthy though, the trip down Victory Lane was one of four on the card for driver Dan Deslandes who put together his biggest day yet this season!

To make the occasion even more special, Saturday was the birthday of Corky Baran's new owner, Ellie Grady! What better way to spend your birthday than in the Winner's Circle! The wins propelled the Petrelli barn to second place in the current trainers standings at the conclusion of our 5th week of racing at the Downs The win was the 5th victory of the day for driver Drew Campbell who simply put on a clinic at the raceway! The win was the first of four on the program for her regular driver Drew Campbell too - What a great match this trotter and driver make!

Here he holds off a cavalry charge to secure the win with Lady's Bag Man , stacking the competition four deep across the wire! What a great day for Davis! Here she coasts down victory lane after holding her competition at bay through a sterling back-half timed in What a great day to be a Young American! We're pretty sure that even FDR himself would approve!

Mississippi Book Festival

The win was the 25th of the career for the year-old pacer and the first in Maine for the recent Ohio transplant! What a great performance! Here he keeps Sign Of Thunder brave all the way to the finish-line, capping off a great gate to wire performance in the afternoon's first race! While this may have been the first "P" win for Cushing , it was the 50th career score for Sign Of Thunder What a great combination this rookie and veteran make! Here, Davis glides to victory with a newcomer to the Sowers roster, Clubber Lang , in the very first race of the season!

What a great day we had at the races on Saturday! Drew Campbell once again topped the drivers colony while Randy Bickmore ruled the roost on the trainers side. Opening Day of the season is slated for March 26 - We can't wait for spring! Jimmy Whittemore , a state of Maine native and top-rated pilot from Vernon Downs, has made an immediate impact at Scarborough Downs since joining the local drivers colony last weekend. The man in Red and White now boasts 4 wins at the Seaside Oval, while hitting the board in an astounding 12 of 16 starts since making his way north from his home base in New York.

Here, Jimmy can't hide his enthusiasm as he guides Burl Hanover down victory lane, securing the 35th career win for the veteran pacer! Go Jimmy Go! We extend our congratulations on their brilliant careers and wish nothing but green pastures in their futures! Driver Dude Goodblood grabbed the early lead and never looked back as he steered the steady course down Victory Lane.

The Maine Event

Make your plans to attend as Sassy Sarah and the rest parade one final time in front of their adoring fans! The win was one of three on the day for KS-2 to go along with four runner-up placings on the 8-race program What a perfect afternoon to be at the races! Fast miles like that aren't supposed to happen on chilly November days in Maine but we guess someone forgot to tell JJ's Jet that! The win was one of four on the program for Drew Campbell too! Congratulations Guys! Here, members of the club join Livid Luke and driver Drew Campbell in the winners circle after a well fought battle - Victori Spolia!

The win was one of two on the program for driver Nick Graffam who was certainly looking ship shape and seaworthy in the sulky! It's always a great day for track record performances! Trainer Steve La Casse , taking a turn in the sulky here, aggressively steered the 5-year-old mare to an open-length jiggy-jog timed in a zippy We'll watch for her this winter campaigning at Pomano Park while recalling all the thrills she gave us at the Downs this summer! The strategy proved ghoulishly effective as Noble's Grand Slam won for the 50th time in his career! Congratulations to the veteran campaigner!

You just can't beat beautiful grays racing whiskers apart on a crisp fall afternoon - And the price was right too! Yet another magical day at the Downs! Drew Campbell held the hot hand on Sunday grabbing three wins on the nine race card while showing why he's been scored the top-rated percentage pilot in all of North America for much of Here, he and Lady Of Castlebrook are absolutely flying to the finish! Campbell remains completely in command! Seeley Man extended his undefeated streak to a perfect 10 for 10 on Saturday as the Gerry Smith trainee made his final start in preparation for next Saturday's Maine Sire Stakes final during the inaugural Festival of Champions!

Mark your calendars now and make your plans to attend as, for the first time in history, all 8 Sire Stakes Championships will be decided in one jam packed day of harness racing excitement! Rhythmic Moves made the return to his home track an absolute triumph on Friday by scoring the 20th victory of his career on Opening Day of the fall meet at the Downs!

Here he toys with the likes of Victory Tax and Whata Winner to claim top honors in the feature race trot in the blazing time of The win was one of two on the card for driver John Nason too - What a great way to kick off the meet guys! Rebel's win was all the more satisfying after finishing second best to his chief rival in each of their last four matchups! The summer meet might be over at the Downs but we can't wait for the "Day of Champions" showdown between these two foes when all 8 Sire Stakes titles will be decided on one single card - Saturday October 24 - Mark your calendars folks!

Poocham Rocket and driver Nick Graffam sat the patient pocket trip before igniting the afterburners at the top of the stretch to defeat the heavily favored Ball Don't Lie in Maine Sire Stakes action on Saturday - All while taking a brand new lifetime mark of There's nothing better on a warm summer evening than an ice cold beer and there's no better way to cap off a lightning hot day at the races than scoring a win with the trotter Beer League - Especially when that win was the 4th of the day for driver Kevin Switzer, Jr! Cheers Guys! The win was the first of 4 on the card for the meet's top driver too!

What a great performance all around!

Seeley Man set a new divisional track record at the Downs on Saturday while remaining a perfect six for six on his promising young career! The win was one of four on the day for driver Kevin Switzer, Jr. Taggart who calls Maine home, has maintained a roster of horses on the Scarborough backstretch for years while dividing his time driving primarily at the Downs and at Plainridge Racecourse in Massachusetts.

Way to Go Shane!!! Here he scores his fourth victory on the twilight card with JJ's Jet! Grand Slam Drew comes through! Bryan's Angel became the fastest winning 4-year-old trotting mare in the 65 year history of Scarborough Downs on Friday as she stopped the clock in a blistering What a performance! The win was her 4th in a row and gave driver Shane Taggart his th career win! What a great story! The win was one of two on the program for driver Kevin Switzer, Jr!

Here she completely dominates the feature race field getting Fashion Ruffles home in a blazing First he is all smiles as Pembroke Maverick cruises to an open-length victory in the first picture but his demeanor certainly changes in the second as Pembroke Wildcat barely held on for the win. No matter his facial expression though, Heath Campbell generally finds a way to get the job done and Saturday was no exception!

Campbell continues at the top of the charts at Scarborough Downs this season and as the lyrics of that old Timbuk 3 song goes - "The future's so bright, he's got to wear shades! Nice Job Guys! Here he's seen using all his powers of persuasion to get Carrie Ann home in front while holding off a determined late charge from Campbell and Astrogal!

Way to battle to the finish guys! The Maine-bred extended her perfect season out to 5 consecutive wins while toying with the field like a calico would with a captured mouse! Nice Kitty! Here he's seen in a perfect study of concentration while getting Real Special home in flat to kick off the day. What a performance by Driver Drew! With efficient military-like precision the powerful trotter won his 10th career battle - Can anyone say War Horse?

It's a good thing Ryan has the kind of brother who would give him the suit right off his back! Little brothers rock! King Switzer , back in 2nd, seems to be saying "Wow" as he watches KS-2 go along for the ride! Nice colt! Oh, by the way, that was Gary Mosher scoring career driving win number in the process!

Now who's got the the best Baby Face look going on here? Heath or the horse? Tony Absolut made his first start of the season a spectacular one as he scorched a mile timed in The gelding looked pretty much push-button for driver David Ingraham while responding positively to every challenge faced and pacing the final half in a brisk We're thinking there might be a pretty bright future ahead for this guy! The win was the 3rd career victory for the magnificent mare who is owned by Les Clary and Nancy Stewart and was one of two scores on the card for driver Dude Goodblood!

What's pretty cool though is that her entry-mate finished second! Who's got it any better right now than co-owner Lynn-Marie Plouffe? Looking pretty Ship-Shape there guys! The win was the 32nd of the trotter's career and third top-class score since coming to Maine! Whata Race! The win was one of three on the card for trainer Bo Sowers and one of four driving wins for the lightning hot Eddie Davis, Jr! Check out the ageless wonder gliding gate to wire with LeeAnn Majors showing the way! What a score! Striking a patriotic pose, Jitterbug Hanover extended his win streak to three with a speedy What a day to be at the track!

Winning never becomes old hat though, even when you've accomplished the feat 65 times in your career! Congratulations to the veteran warhorse! It was the first win of the season for the Lisa Krom trainee but the 43rd career victory lap for the veteran pacer! Looking snazzy in that crazy yellow hood guy! Read all about the dominating Maine-bred performances here - photo by Derek Davis. The win was one of two on the card for trainer Rodney Grady and one of two for Ingraham too!

Mythical Connection remains undefeated in Maine since shipping in from Saratoga after throwing in a blazing The win was the third in a row for the streaking steed and one of two on the program for driver Dan Deslandes! Nice job guys! Here he uses all his powers of persuasion to get Glow Stick up for her 5th consecutive score in the Distaff Free For All!

The win was one of two on the card for Campbell who remains at the top of the charts in the drivers standings! Harness Racing fans come in all shapes and sizes, and come to think of it, ages as well! One of our youngest fans found the perfect spot to catch the start of the seventh on the Father's Day program and from the way she's clutching that program she had the winner well handicapped too!

Kids love the horses and its always a Family Affair at the Downs! Four-year-old mare Dancers Pass top led things off with a career best effort in the sixth and not to be outdone by his little sister, five-year-old "Big Bro" Cyclone Pass took a new lifetime mark of in the very next race! There should be plenty of bragging rights to go around as the siblings gather at the feed trough at the Norton farm after the races tonight - With one proud Mom looking on from the broodmare field!

Not only did young Nick win the first two dashes of the day, but he put brand new lifetime marks on both his victorious steeds too! Here he coasts home in What a great day for Graffam and his charges! Here, with driver Drew Campbell guiding her home, the Maine-bred takes a brand new lifetime mark of What an accomplishment! The tele-timer certified the race in Thro Time Kevin Switzer, Jr. Well done guys!!! Classy veteran pacer, DreamLuck took torrid air to the quarter in The aggressive strategy paid handsome dividends when the year-old son of the great Camluck scored for the 60th time in his illustrious career!

The win was one of two on the card for Gary Mosher as the veteran campaigners came through! Way to go guys!!! The win was one of four on Sunday's card for leading driver Drew Campbell! And thanks to all the fans and horsemen who took part in our celebration at Scarborough today! The party never stops at the Downs! What a race! Mosher now sits 51 wins away from career scores and with the guy driving the way he is right now, he'll reach that plateau in very short order! Go Gary Go!!! It was the 5th win of the day for the driver, and the 3rd win in a row for the race mare.

He developed and hosts a statewide, live, call-in medical program on Mississippi Public Broadcasting radio and serves as a producer of a series of health documentary programs for MPB television. He is actively engaged in a variety of activities to improve health literacy, health disparities and racial reconciliation.

James L. Dickerson is the great grandson of Steve Turner, one of the framers of the Mississippi Constitution of In the mids, he published a Memphis-based music magazine, Nine-O-One, the first magazine published in the South to ever obtain newsstand distribution in all 50 states, ultimately to become the third largest circulation music magazine in the U. During that time, he also was executive producer of Pulsebeat—The Voice of the Heartland, a music syndication with about radio stations. In the photo, Dickerson is playing a vintage s-era series Silvertone guitar of the type Delta bluesmen ordered from Sears Roebuck.

Mary Lindsay Dickinson is widow of Jim Dickinson. He has published widely on southern literature, contemporary poetry, and music. Jamie Dickson has taught English and creative writing for 18 years, and currently chairs the English department at Germantown High in Madison County. Michael Dobbs was born and educated in Britain, but is now a U. He was a long-time reporter for The Washington Post, covering the collapse of communism as a foreign correspondent. He has taught at leading American universities, including Princeton, the University of Michigan, and Georgetown.

His previous books include the bestselling One Minute to Midnight on the Cuban missile crisis, which was part of an acclaimed Cold War trilogy. He lives outside Washington, D. Maritime History.

Authors – Fiction & Non-Fiction

He lives in Hillsborough, North Carolina. William Dunlap is a painter and writer who occasionally comments in print and on public television about Art, its causes, effects, and consequences. Currently, Mr. Dunlap is a working, exhibiting artist afoot in the land and is, to date, getting away with it. Bill readily admits to being the third best artist in his family and at present he is working on his second volume of short stories, Lying and Making a Living: Fiction with Footnotes.

Eagles is William F. John T. Edge has served as director since the founding of the Southern Foodways Alliance, an institute of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi. Winner of the M. Now in paperback, Nashville selected the book as a citywide read for Edge has long shaped the conversation about food not only in this region but across the country through his pulpit as director of the Southern Foodways Alliance.

The Potlikker Papers is his defining contribution to that conversation. Edge holds an M. Glory Edim is the founder of Well-Read Black Girl, a Brooklyn-based book club and online community that celebrates the uniqueness of Black literature and sisterhood. She has worked as a creative strategist for over ten years at startups and cultural institutions, including Kickstarter, The Webby Awards and the New York Foundation for the Arts.

With Mae Miller Claxton, she co-edited and contributed to a collection of thirty-one essays entitled Teaching the Works of Eudora Welty: Twenty-first Century Approaches , published in Raised in Alabama, she lives with her husband in New York City. The book contains the mug shots of all Riders arrested in Jackson, Miss. The portraits have been exhibited at the Ft. After the first edition of Breach was published in , Etheridge helped create the Mississippi Freedom 50th Foundation, which organized a weeklong series of events to mark the 50th anniversary of the Rides.

More than 90 Riders attended with their families, in addition to several hundred high school and college students from around the country. He later worked online, creating and running websites for Microsoft, the New York Times, and others. A native of Mississippi, he lives in New York City. Among his awards, he is a three-time winner of the J. He is a former organic farmer and has served on numerous agricultural and environmental boards and nonprofits for many years.

Alvin S. He served in two presidential administrations, as an adviser to the U. Departments of State and Defense, and on the majority staff of the U. House of Representatives. He holds a Ph. He lives in Washington, DC. Fennelly and Franklin live in Oxford with their three children. William R. Ferris, a widely recognized leader in Southern studies, African American music and folklore, is the Joel R. He is also adjunct professor in the curriculum on folklore.

The former chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities , Ferris has conducted thousands of interviews with musicians ranging from the famous B. King to the unrecognized Parchman Penitentiary inmates working in the fields. He has written or edited 10 books and created 15 documentary films.

He also has published his own poetry and short stories. A native of Vicksburg, Miss. A graduate of Davidson College, he received a Ph. Handy Blues Award. He is a Fellow of the American Folklore Society. Wailes Award, given to a Mississippian who has achieved national recognition in the field of history by the Mississippi Historical Society.

His students have explored Native American songs, Appalachian folk ballads and Afro-American hymns, spirituals and work chants, and considered a range of forms including blues, country music, gospel, jazz, rock, and rap. Robert W. Markowitz Award for Emerging Writers. Fieseler graduated co-valedictorian from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and is a recipient of the Pulitzer Traveling Fellowship.

A proud gay American, he married his longtime partner at Walden Pond and currently resides in New Orleans. She teaches at the University of Mississippi, where she also directs the Environmental Studies program—and she teaches yoga in Oxford, Mississippi. She lives in a suburb of Chicago. John M. HIs stories have twice been selected for inclusion in the annual Best American Mystery Stories anthology, and his seventh book, The Barrens , is scheduled for release in late Martha makes her home in the Mississippi Delta with her husband and son.

Gilbert Ford grew up in a family of professional photographers in Jackson, Mississippi, and moved to New York to attend Pratt Institute. After graduating, he worked as a designer and illustrator for a giftware company, creating puzzles, games, stickers, stationery, and activity books for children, before setting out on his own in He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY where he has illustrated many popular middle grade books and several picture books.

His picture book he wrote and illustrated called How the Cookie Crumbled will be published by Atheneum in Fall, Michael Ford is a documentary photographer and filmmaker. He is also the proprietor of Yellow Cat Productions, an award-winning media production company based in Washington, D. His other works include bestselling novel Canada and the short story collections Rock Springs and A Multitude of Sins , which contain many widely anthologized stories and most recently his only work of non-fiction, Between Them: Remembering My Parents. He lives in Boothbay, Maine, with his wife Kristina Ford.

Heather Fox is an illustrator of stories for children. Her art is filled with quirk and dashes of whimsy that is created in both doodle and digital forms. She lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He lives in Oxford and teaches at Ole Miss. D Candidate in U. Contemporary History at the University of Mississippi. Frascogna and his two sons have co-authored several books and film documentaries about high school and junior college football in Mississippi. Finance Before the New Deal.

Banking on Freedom tells the story of the St. Luke Bank: the first and only bank organized and run by African American women, women who transformed the teller cage and boardroom into sites of activism and resistance. Banking on Freedom reveals how African American women shaped—and were shaped by—U. An award-winning author, her research and writings focus on race, gender, and capitalism.

She is currently at work on a book-length project looking at modern slavery, gangsters, and bootlegging in the s Mid-South. Follow her on Twitter at EbonRebel. Jimmie is a legal and political writer as well as columnist for The Clarion-Ledger. He has more than 30 years of experience as a journalist covering the people, places and things that make Mississippi special. Jimmie also served as a researcher and consultant for the former live television show CourtTV. Tim Gautreaux is the author of three novels and two earlier short story collections.

After teaching for thirty years at Southeastern Louisiana University, he now lives, with his wife, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Peter Geye was born and raised in Minneapolis, where he continues to live. Wintering also recently won the Minnesota Book Award. Craig W. Gill is the Director of the University Press of Mississippi.

He has worked at the press for over twenty years rising from Senior Editor to Editor-in-Chief to Director. Over the course of his career he has acquired and published almost seven hundred books. Melody Golding is an author, photographer and artist living in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Her work is in private and public collections and she has written for various statewide publications.

Robert Gordon is a writer and filmmaker. His Best of Enemies , about William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal, won an Emmy in and was shortlisted for an Oscar. Gordon lives in Memphis. She has been a book editor for fourteen years, the last nine of which have been at Soho. Richard Grant is an author, journalist and television host. He grew up in London, England, and now lives in Jackson, Mississippi.

He is currently writing journalism for Smithsonian magazine and working on his fifth book of non-fiction. Kristin L. Gray drinks coffee cream, no sugar and writes books funny, not sad from her home in northwest Arkansas. She loves to read, walk her dogs, and eat cake for breakfast.

Vilonia Beebe Takes Charge is her first novel. To learn more about Kristin, or to send her a cake, visit her online at KristinLGray. Gray recently completed her seventh year as an educator. Shannon Greenland grew up in Tennessee where she dreaded all things reading and writing. After that she was hooked! Chandler Griffin is Mississippi native, documentary filmmaker, educator and the Founder of Barefoot Workshops, with sixteen years of experience leading over one hundred and twenty media-based workshops across twenty-four countries.

Chandler and his wife, Alison Fast, are continuously creating Mississippi-based documentaries through their production company, Blue Magnolia Films, and constantly working to develop and pioneer new media-based programs that empower individuals and grassroots organizations to make change in their communities across the globe. Richard Gruber, Ph. He received his doctorate in art history from the University of Kansas in Lawrence and M.

He has written and contributed to numerous publications, with a focus on artists of the American South. He is associate professor of creative writing at Belhaven University. Wearing another hat, she has written four books of literary and cultural criticism and history, most recently Remembering Medgar Evers: Writing the Long Civil Rights Movement, and coedited The Literature of the American South, a Norton anthology.

Minrose has taught as a professor at universities across the country, most recently the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Like the characters in Promise, she grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi. Jo was born near Ocean Springs, Mississippi, where her favorite artist, Walter Anderson, painted a secret room. Jo later moved to a ghost town, Electric Mills, Mississippi. Today Jo lives in Greenville, South Carolina with her husband, children, and her dog Pupper, who just happens to closely resemble the character of Percy in the book.

Jo is also a lawyer with Wyche, PA. Jo also founded www. You can find Jo online at JoHackl. He was an inaugural Overby Fellow in Journalism and an adjunct professor of law at the University of Mississippi. She resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Phil Hardwick loves a good mystery. Early in his career, he solved real ones as a police officer and state investigator. Dress Me! Williams Library Board for the University of Mississippi. She lives in Water Valley with her wife, Dixie Grimes.

For more, visit her author website at www. House of Representatives after having been first elected to Congress in November of Congressman Harper has lived in the Third Congressional District since and currently resides in Pearl, Mississippi with his wife of thirty-seven years, Sidney. They have a son, Livingston, and a daughter and son in law, Maggie and Brett. The Harpers are active members of Crossgates Baptist Church in Brandon where he served for many years as a Sunday school teacher for high school and college students.

The son of a former petroleum engineer and a mom who worked two days a week until she was 88 years old, Gregg learned at a young age the value of hard work and the importance of a quality education. Gregg and Sidney are both graduates of Mississippi College where he majored in Chemistry. He then earned his law degree from the University of Mississippi School of Law in Prior to being elected to Congress, Gregg practiced law for twenty-seven years, including serving as the prosecuting attorney for the cities of Brandon and Richland, Mississippi.

In the th Congress, Gregg was selected by the Speaker of the House to serve as Chairman of the Committee on House Administration, a standing committee with vast oversight and administrative responsibilities in the House of Representatives and additional institutions. Chairman Harper also serves on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, where he is a member of three subcommittees: Energy; Environment; and the Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection subcommittee, where he serves as the Vice-Chairman.

A longtime advocate for American-made energy, Gregg Harper believes that Congress must advance ideas that stabilize fuel prices and build a steady supply of American energy. On a more personal note, the Congressman and his wife, Sidney, are also committed to supporting families raising children with special needs. He has also worked to streamline federal programs and services intended to be a support to youth with significant disabilities in transition from adolescence to adulthood. In , Gregg Harper authored the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act that was passed into law, ended taxpayer financing of presidential campaigns and conventions, and redirected that funding to pediatric medical research.

Congressman Harper has also championed laws removing burdensome and unneeded federal mandates, promoting innovative drug developments for neurodevelopmental disorders, and advancing telemedicine. He looks forward to his work in the U. House of Representatives to advocate conservative values in the important tasks and challenges facing America. She received a B. Though her career has always revolved around mathematics, she actively pursues her lifelong interest of history through research, writing, and speaking to the public. Her twelve-year research on women soldiers of the Civil War has been published in various newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, and brochures for the National Park Service and state historic sites.

She has given numerous presentations about women soldiers in over ten states. Her first book, Behind the Rifle: Women Soldiers in Civil War Mississippi is the first study with a regional focus of the role women soldiers played in the Civil War and was published by the University Press of Mississippi in March Shelby is happily engaged. Derrick Harriell was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Cotton is his first collection of poems. His essays and book reviews have been published widely.

Bracey Harris is a Mississippi-based journalist. Previously, she covered education for The Clarion Ledger. A Mississippi native, Bracey studied journalism at the University of Mississippi. Jessica B. Harris is one of a handful of African Americans who have achieved prominence in the culinary world. Jamie Harrison has lived in Montana with her family for almost thirty years. She has worked as a caterer, writer, and as a technical editor for archaeological, botanical, and biological reports. She is the daughter of Jim Harrison. Carla Hayden was sworn in as the 14th Librarian of Congress on September 14, Hayden, the first woman and the first African American to lead the national library, was nominated to the position by President Barack Obama on February 24, , and her nomination was confirmed by the U.

Senate on July Prior to joining the Pratt Library, Hayden was deputy commissioner and chief librarian of the Chicago Public Library from to She was an assistant professor for Library and Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh from to Hayden was library services coordinator for the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago from to Hayden was president of the American Library Association from to Hayden received a B. During her time at Random House she came to love and respect the vibrant community of independent bookstores she called on.

Jane Hearn was married to Jim Lucas at the time of his death. She has archived and restored these images for a touring exhibition and website: jimlucasphotography. She is a fifth generation Mississippian who for many years was an interior designer and owner of a contract commercial furniture company in Jackson. A former educator,Bethany speaks and teaches across the country. Elizabeth Heiskell was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, where food and fun go hand in hand. With her passion for food, fun, and adventure, Elizabeth started her culinary journey with courses at the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, New York.

In Elizabeth moved from the flatland to the hills of Oxford, Mississippi. There, she and her husband, Luke, started Woodson Ridge Farm. It was released in October of and is set to be as treasured a cookbook as its predecessor. Herts is a native of the Arkansas Delta region.

Kennedy School of Government. He also recently received a gubernatorial appointment to the Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Services. Previously, Dr. Herts holds a Ph. He also holds a M. Toni Hetzel has been a lifelong avid reader. She has been a road warrior for Random House books for more than 17 years, and worked in a bookstore for many years prior. She lives in Decatur, GA, with her family.

Jesse J. Holland is also a race and ethnicity writer for The Associated Press as well as a former White House, Supreme Court and congressional reporter. He served as the visiting distinguished professor of ethics in journalism at the University of Arkansas and currently teaches creative nonfiction at New York University, Georgetown University and at Goucher College. Holland is also the weekend host for C-Span Washington Journal.

He lives in Maryland. Twenty three years ago Kimberly Willis Holt stopped talking about wanting to be a writer and started to pursue her dream. She writes and gardens in Texas. Hossfeld has extensive experience examining rural poverty and economic restructuring and has made two presentations to the United States Congress and one to the North Carolina Legislature on job loss and rural economic decline. Judy Hottensen has been the Associate Publisher of Grove Atlantic since , where she has spent over two decades in various roles. Peter Houlahan is a freelance writer contributing to a wide range of publications.

In his career as an emergency medical technician, he has written a number of articles related to his profession, including the impact of PTSD on first responders. Born in Deep Run, NC to a farming household, Vivian Howard learned early on to appreciate the ebb and flow of eating with the seasons. Jeffery B. He earned his Ph. He earned a M. He has a B. History series, and the upcoming work, Our Western World.

Lisa Howorth was born and grew up in Washington, D. In Oxford in , she and her husband founded Square Books, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary in September, Bronwen Hruska is the Publisher of Soho Press, an award-winning independent publisher of literary fiction, international crime fiction and young adult fiction.

Before joining Soho eleven years ago, Bronwen worked as a journalist and screenwriter. Her novel, Accelerated, was published by Pegasus Books in The Talented Ribkins is her first novel. Tim Huggins is the founder of Newtonville Books, as well as cofounder of the writers-and-musicians series, Earfull. He now lives with his family in West Newton, Massachusetts. He lives in Cold Spring, New York. Timothy T. Isbell, Gulfport, Mississippi, is an author and freelance photojournalist.

Born and raised in the Mississippi Delta town of Rosedale, Linda Williams Jackson likes to spin stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Her debut middle grade historical novel, Midnight Without a Moon , is about an ordinary thirteen-year-old African-American girl, Rose Lee Carter, who must make an extraordinary decision after the murder of Emmett Till.

Jackson currently makes her home in Southaven, Mississippi. She shares this home with her husband and three children. His middle grade caper novel, The Great Greene Heist , has been named to over twenty-five state reading and best-of lists. In addition, Varian has written for the Spirit Animals: Fall of the Beasts middle-grade fantasy series as well as novels and short stories for YA audiences. Varian lives outside of Austin, TX with his family. In this role, she creates and facilitates workshops on unconscious bias and privilege. The Project seeks to find new and innovate ways to address diversity without increasing division.

Yvette is also a filmmaker and public speaker. Stephen Mack Jones is a published poet, an award-winning playwright, and a recipient of the prestigious Kresge Arts in Detroit Literary Fellowship. He worked in advertising and marketing communications for a number of years before turning to fiction.

Pamela D. Formerly the director of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, she has more than 19 years of experience as a museum professional. Pamela recognizes the importance of telling the absolute truth when interpreting the history of those who fought and died for change in the South. Slovenian lawyer Margerita Jurkovic, who knew absolutely nothing about American football when she arrived in Jackson, Mississippi, for Law School, has penned a memoir sure to captivate the most ardent of fans.

From taking the reader to high-octane college venues such as Oxford and Starkville to equally electric high-school games at Pearl and Madison-Ridgeland Academy, the fast-paced, easy-to-read narrative puts the reader on the sidelines as the young lawyer gets an education not to be found in a textbook by law professor and mentor Mike Frascogna, Jr. Yet the book serves as much, much more than just a weekly tailgate recap.

Opening her mind to learning everything she can about what makes Mississippians tick, the lifelong European soon comes to admire many aspects of Southern culture and tradition. Jurkovic will appear at the Mississippi Book Festival and looks forward to a book tour that will crisscross the state of Mississippi and reach into parts of Alabama, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

The expected release date of Margerita Gridiron Adventure is August 1, Originally from the Jersey Shore, he lives in Starkville, Mississippi, where he codirects the creative writing program at Mississippi State University. From her Pulaski, Tennessee, birthplace to her current post as CEO of Belle Meade Winery, Sheree has been a steadfast steward of the disappearing art of fine baking in the Southern home. Jodi is a former wildlife journalist and current full-time non-profit development leader.

She lives in New York City, where she continues to write books and is active with several animal rescue non-profits. You can learn more about Jodi on her website www. Harrison has spoken at hundreds of festivals, bookstores, conferences, variety shows, and universities around the country, as well as retirement communities and at least one religious organization whose members were perfectly courteous up until the end.

He holds an M. He teaches AP literature and creative writing at St. Sam Kleiner is a historian and lawyer in New York City. Michael Knight is the author of three novels, three collections of short stories, and a book of novellas. He lives Knoxville with his wife and two daughters and teaches creative writing at the University of Tennessee.

Jamie Kornegay is the author of the novel Soil. His first narrative nonfiction book was The White Cascade , a book about the Wellington avalanche. Combine that with a Masters of Science in Sports Administration, as well as coaching experience at the high school and collegiate levels, and it is easy to see why Paul is one of the premier performance specialists in the United States. Mississippi has always possessed a distinctive medical sense of place, with its history strongly influenced by its sultry climate as well as native and imported diseases.

This magnificently illustrated book offers a unique array of rare photographs and historical images as well as compelling essays by Dr. Over two decades in the making, this book will prove essential to anyone interested in the medicine in the state. The story of medicine is the story of men and women and their endeavors to care for their patients and advance their profession. The work of this Committee is done in honor and memory of Mississippi physicians, without whom this history would not have been possible. He designed the current version of Photographs: Updated and Expanded by Eudora Welty that was released in April of Ariel Lawhon is a critically acclaimed author of historical fiction.

She is the co-founder of SheReads. Both pets are, thankfully, girls. As a journalist, he has written more than a thousand newspaper and magazine articles from more than two dozen countries. He is contributing writer for Science and contributing editor for Archaeology. Most recently, he wrote and hosted the feature documentary Fermented. He lives in Louisville and Washington, D. Follow Edward on Instagram and Twitter chefedwardlee. He lives with his family in Brandon, Mississippi.

Saul A. The series has been optioned for film and television and the foreign rights have sold in multiple countries. Lelchuk holds a B. He divides his time between California and New Hampshire. His first novel, In the Fall, was a national bestseller. Lent lives with his wife and two daughters in central Vermont. Sara A. She is associate editor of the Oxford American. His novel is forthcoming from W. He is also the author of the stand-alone novels, Fresh Kills and Bloodroot, set in his hometown of Staten Island.

His short fiction and non-fiction have appeared in several anthologies. Robby Luckett received his BA in political science from Yale University and his PhD from the University of Georgia with a focus on modern civil rights movement history. His book, Joe T. Along with several publications and presentations at numerous academic conferences, he has appeared in documentaries, including the Independent Lens film Spies of Mississippi as well as An Ordinary Hero about the life of Joan Trumpauer Mulhollhand.

He has three children: Silas, Hazel, and Flip. Ebony O. Lumumba is an associate professor and department chair of English at Tougaloo College. She received her Ph. She specializes in postcolonial literatures of the Global South and representational equity in film culture in her research, academic publications, and instruction.

Desiring a graduate degree in history and wanting to further pursue his interests in examining the civil rights movement, he entered the Graduate School at the University of Mississippi in For the last six years, Dalton has been teaching U. He spent more than fourteen years with a national recognized environmental contracting firm as a senior executive overseeing sales, marketing and field operations.

Prior to that, he worked as an environmental scientist at the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. His book Blues Musicians of the Mississippi Delta combines his lifelong passion for music, photography, and history. Rebecca Mark, the Chair of the English Department and Director of the Center for Academic Equity at Tulane University is a scholar and Professor whose research addresses southern writing and cultural representations of trauma.

He lives in rural Washington. Bob Marovich is a gospel music historian, author, and radio host. Bob writes about classic and contemporary gospel music as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Gospel Music www. He lives in Chicago with his wife, author and educator Laurel Delaney, and their two cats. Though she has now retired from the faculty of Millsaps College, Marrs continues to serve as Welty Foundation Scholar-in-Residence at the Eudora Welty House and has a number of projects in the offing. John F. Marszalek is the executive director of the Ulysses S.

Grant, published in by the University Press of Mississippi. He is also the winner of numerous awards for his long time work in the American Civil War, Biography, Jacksonian America, and African American history. For more information, see www. She is the owner of TwentybyJenny. Clara attended Vanderbilt University where she received a B. Jimmi Mayes was born in Jackson, MS. During his high school years he performed in Mississippi Juke Joints with touring groups and after graduating from high school he left to pursue his career as a musician.

Before he was twenty-one he was performing and touring with musicians who were legends in the business. Jimmi Mayes became a highly sought after drummer and an expert with the shuffle. He became good friends with Jimi Hendrix and eventually he was asked by Jimi Hendrix to record with him. During this time he cut tracts for a movie sound-tract and a compilation album on CBS Records. After the Mexico work he returned to Chicago and was hired to back Jimmy Reed for several shows. He is a member of the Mississippi Artist Roster. His latest album will be released in by Mississippi Delta Records.

King recording studio located on the MVSU campus. The album features Jimmi Mayes on drums and vocals. Panny Flautt Mayfield, a lifelong resident of the Mississippi Delta, is an award-winning journalist who has been photographing blues and gospel musicians at festivals, clubs, churches, and juke joints for decades. Her collections have been exhibited in museums across the United States and Europe and have earned critical acclaim from Aperture magazine.

She is at work on her next, which received the gold medal for the William Faulkner Novel-in-Progress. She lives on a hundred acres outside of Nashville, TN. Charline R. She holds a Ph. She has co-edited a series of books with Judy H. You can visit her at AlisonMcGhee. Brian D. McLaren, a former pastor and English teacher, writes and speaks about the intersection of faith and contemporary life.

Learn more at brianmclaren. She writes full time now in Pass Christian, Mississippi. Diane C. McPhail is an artist, writer, and minister. She lives in Highlands, North Carolina, with her husband, Ray. None of her degrees have anything to do with writing. Before her current life as a writer, she worked in finance and non-profit program management.

She now writes full-time and is hard at work on the next one. She lives in Memphis, Tennessee with her husband and three daughters. Ellen B. Meacham is a Tennessee native and a longtime resident of Mississippi. She is the author of the book, Delta Epiphany: Robert F. Kennedy in Mississippi and has been a working journalist for more than two decades and has taught journalism at her alma mater, the University of Mississippi, since Meacham is also a former fellow with the American Association of Newspaper Editors, selected as one of only 20 journalism educators in the nation.

Jon Meacham is a Pulitzer Prize-winning presidential historian. Meacham lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Greg Michalson is co-publisher of Unbridled Books. He spent twenty years with the Missouri Review. He is the author of numerous short stories and articles and has co-edited a number of books. He is also the author of a book on fish and game cookery, The Wild Chef, and competed in the Dakar Rally, an off-road race through Africa.

Mary Miller grew up in Jackson, Mississippi. She is a former James A. She lives in Oxford, Mississippi with her husband, Lucky, and her dog, Winter. The stories of Clarion-Ledger investigative reporter Jerry Mitchell have helped put four Klansmen and a suspected serial killer behind bars. His stories have also exposed injustices and corruption in Mississippi, helping lead to investigations, exonerations, firings and reforms of state agencies.

American photographer Andrew Moore is widely acclaimed for his photographic series, made over many years, which record the effect of time on the natural and built landscape. His newest project, Blue Alabama, includes an original story by the novelist Madison Smartt Bell, will be published in book form in the fall of His previous work, Dirt Meridian, was published in and includes a preface by the author Kent Haruf. The son of a cattleman and grandson of a butcher, Matt Moore is the quintessential Southern cook. Matt resides in Nashville with his family and is also a musician, pilot, adventure seeker, entrepreneur, Moonshine cologne creator, avid fisherman and a cast iron and wild game enthusiast.

A lifelong Mississippian, Morris is retired from the University Press of Mississippi, where she was executive editor for many years living in Jackson. She is the widow of the writer Willie Morris. Cody Morrison grew up in Jackson, Mississippi. He is a graduate of Washington and Lee University. He began his career in book-selling in when Off Square Books, an annex of Square Books, was opened. He has been the adult book buyer at Square Books since Julie, a former librarian, is a fierce advocate for body positivity and is a full time writer living in Texas with her husband, dog, and two cats.

You can visit Julie at www. Photographer Ken Murphy lives and works in his lifelong hometown of Bay St. Louis, Miss. Murphy is leading the charge to reopen Dan B. Scott Naugle was born in Davidsville, Pennsylvania. He subsequently earned a Master of Liberal Studies Degree from Millsaps College and a Master of Arts degree from Tulane University where he also served as an adjunct professor for two years. Scott has served on the Mississippi Book Festival board since its inception. He is also a board member of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.

If pushed, Scott will admit to several thousand books in his collection at home as a collector and reader of signed and first editions. Among his favorite authors are William H. Aimee Nezhukumatathil is the author of four books of poetry, most recently, Oceanic Copper Canyon. A collection of her nature essays is forthcoming from Milkweed. She has written some of the most enduring fiction of our time, including the national bestsellers We Were the Mulvaneys , Blonde , which was nominated for the National Book Award, and the New York Times bestseller The Falls , which won the Prix Femina.

Her most recent novel is A Book of American Martyrs. She is the Roger S. She created new recipes as well as reworking classic European desserts into low-fat, low-calories treats. This work inspired her first cookbook, Sweet Nothings , Chronicle Books. Currently, she is a writer for the San Diego Union Tribune food section developing recipes and working with staff photographers as the food and prop stylist for her stories.

She lives in Coronado, CA with her husband and two daughters. In a former life he owned a bookstore and thinks about that a lot. He and his ex-wife, the late Amy van Singel, published Living Blues in Chicago before turning it over to the University of Mississippi in In he participated in an international conference in Belgium celebrating the legacy of Charley Patton.

The talks form that conference were published in a book edited by Robert Sacre which has been revised and expanded in a new University Press of Mississippi edition, Charley Patton: Voice of the Mississippi Delta. From , she served as executive director of the Massachusetts Poetry Festival. She lives with her two children in Beverly, Massachusetts. He assisted in the preparation of the Rothschild bibliographical catalog of William Somerset Maugham.

She lived in New Orleans for several years and returns to southern Louisiana frequently. Between Two Skies is her debut novel. She lives in Asheville, North Carolina, with her husband and children. Owen studied for a decade with a New Mexican wise woman who blended contemplative practice, dreamwork, and nature spirituality rooted in the forests, arroyos, and mountains of the American Southwest.

The practice of poetry and Zen was inseparable from this path of deeper inquiry…along with lots of green chiles and pan-fried tortillas. Margaret Owen was born and raised at the end of the Oregon Trail, and now lives and writes in Seattle while negotiating a long-term hostage situation with her two monstrous cats.

In her free time, she enjoys exploring ill-advised travel destinations and raising money for social justice nonprofits through her illustrations. She resides in Seattle, WA. You can find her on Twitter and on her website. Ted Ownby is professor of history and southern studies and director of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi. Inspired by the landscape and flavors of his childhood on the Mississippi gulf coast, Timothy Pakron found his heart, soul, and calling in cooking the Cajun, Creole, and southern classics of his youth.

In his debut cookbook, he shares plant-based recipes, all of which substitute ingredients without sacrificing depth of flavor and reveal the secret tradition of veganism in southern cooking. Finding ways to re-create his experiences growing up in the South—making mud pies and admiring the deep pink azaleas—on the plate, Pakron looks to history and nature as his guides to creating the richest food possible.

Filled with as many evocative photographs and stories as easy-to-follow recipes, Mississippi Vegan is an ode to the transporting and ethereal beauty of the food and places you love. She was named one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine. She worked many years in the music and entertainment business and is a graduate of the University of Alabama.

The proud mother of two sons, eight bonus children, and eleven grandchildren, Lisa lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and their four-legged, furry daughter named Rosie. A native of Memphis, Tenn. His post-graduate study included constitutional law, judicial process and political theory, particularly the work of Plato and Aristotle.

His academic fields of interest include public law, political theory and American government. Over his career, Dr. Pearigen has served as a secondary school teacher and trustee and in higher education as a professor, dean of students and vice president for university relations. As a faculty member at Millsaps, Dr. Pearigen teaches courses in constitutional law, civil rights and liberties, jurisprudence and political theory. He is an advocate for, and believer in, liberal arts education as intrinsically meaningful for individuals as well as the very best preparation for a good and worthy life of learning, leadership and service.

This truly is the perfect job for a kid who could never see over her summer reading stack of library books. After a brief hiatus, Jessica rejoined PRH as a sales manager for the Southeast in and is thrilled to be back working with the best publisher and the best indie bookstores in the country! He previously served as a journalist for The Commercial Appeal, the daily newspaper in Memphis, where he worked for more than 29 years as an investigative reporter, special projects reporter and editor. He has won numerous national awards for both feature writing and investigative reporting.

His journalistic interests include criminal justice, predatory lending, political corruption, civil rights history, FBI surveillance and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Raised in Wisconsin, he is a graduate of the University of Minnesota.

He and his wife, Tina, a Memphis attorney, have three children. Perry is a scholar, an essayist and a book reviewer. She lives in the Philadelphia area with her two sons. She lives in Brooklyn. Mary Laura also enjoys traveling around the country to talk to people about books, reading, and writing.

He lives in New Orleans. The Writer-in-Residence at St. She co-directs the creative writing program at Mississippi State University. Dav Pilkey is the author and illustrator of the worldwide bestselling series Captain Underpants and Dog Man. Dav was so disruptive in class that his teachers made him sit out in the hall every day.

Luckily, Dav loved to draw and make up stories. He spent his time in the hallway creating his own original comic books. In the second grade, Dav Pilkey made a comic book about a superhero named Captain Underpants. Since then, he has been creating bestselling books that explore fun, positive themes and inspire readers everywhere. The Captain Underpants series has more than 80 million copies in print worldwide and has been translated into 39 languages. It has also been adapted for both the big and small screen. It inspires me to continue to write and illustrate books.

With his Reading Gives You Superpowers campaign, Dav reminds us the importance of associating reading with fun. Randall Pinkston is a semi-retired award-winning journalist who covered national and international issues. He also won three national Emmy Awards and two for local news coverage. He also earned a J. She has received the Phoenix Award for outstanding contributions to Eudora Welty scholarship and she has twice served as president of the Eudora Welty Society.

Porter, a Jackson, Mississippi, native, is an internationally known painter, printmaker and photographer with a signature gallery in Historic Downtown Vicksburg, Mississippi. Her artwork is in private and corporate collections around the globe and has been featured in numerous museum exhibitions for the past 30 years.

Poet Laureate Natasha Tretheway. Her work hangs in the Mississippi Senate offices in Washington, D. Pringle specializes in coastal resources sciences, policy and management with a focus in resilience and restoration; water quality improvement, natural resources conservation, and watershed planning. Pringle is passionate about coastal issues and strives to find the balance between economic development and environmental protection.

She has worked closely with non-profit partners, private partners, local municipalities, state governments, and Federal agencies to educate and engage stakeholders. It is designed to preserve, promote and enhance the Gulf through effective communication, education, partnerships, and community engagement.

She lives in Decatur, Ga. Michelle A. Purdy is a native Jacksonian. Her book, Transforming the Elite: Black Students and the Desegregation of Private Schools University of North Carolina Press, , tells the unknown story about black students who desegregated historically white elite private schools or the most prestigious independent schools during the Civil Rights Era.

Such schools were not legally obligated to desegregate following the Brown v.

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Board of Education decision but school leaders opted to change admission policies because of moral, political, and financial reasons. Purdy combines social history, policy analysis, and oral history to examine specifically the desegregation of The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, Georgia, alongside national efforts to diversify independent schools. She details how the first African American students to desegregate Westminster courageously navigated institutional and interpersonal racism in a contradictory and complex school culture. In Jackson, Purdy graduated from St. She is currently an associate professor of education at Washington University in St.

In the U. Smith Fresh Talent title and a Foyles Five pick. Frederick Ramey is one of two owner-publishers of Unbridled Books, an independent press specializing in commercial literature, and a member of the board of Colophon Literary Center. Marshall can often be found in communities across Mississippi, promoting public conversations about the news and inspiring audiences to engage in civic life. Marshall is a graduate of the University of Tennessee with a degree in business administration and marketing. He is a two-time Pulitzer Finalist and was named a top employee of Gannett.

His personal work explores identity in the contemporary South. Hear a interview with the author on Mississippi Public Broadcasting here. Twice the recipient of the O. Henry Prize, he teaches at Western Carolina University. Reed divides her time between New Orleans and Greenville, Mississippi. Peter H. Visit him online at www.

Rich lives in New Orleans. Mark Richard is the author of national bestseller House of Prayer No. Jeff Roberson, a native of Baldwyn, Mississippi, has spent nearly 30 years as a writer and editor in Oxford, Mississippi, mainly covering Ole Miss sports. Lyn Roberts is the general manager of the Square Books family of stores on the historic square in Oxford, Mississippi. A lot of water under the proverbial bridge before he authored Heroes, Rascals and the Law Jimmy grew up in Greenville, Mississippi, graduating from high school in He served as Justice, Supreme Court of Mississippi Robertson has practiced law in Greenville, Oxford and since in Jackson.

The former Justice has published bookoodles of articles more or less related to law, society, baseball and humanity. Jimmy is married to Linda who said he should write a book; hence, Heroes and Rascals, has three sons and five grandchildren. Robertson has covered Mississippi State and college football recruiting for 18 years.