The Eclective: The Celtic Collection

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Go Team Everybody. If they keep running north, they may save themselves… but if they stay and fight, they may just save their future. Shero is honored to serve as judge for a local drag queen pageant. When all hell breaks loose, can Shero save the queens from a disaster worse than a loose gaff or broken heel?

Jones - Outcast from their colony, two sprites learn to accept that their love is not a sin against nature but a thing of beauty.

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Edward McNally - There are many gardens in the city of Chicago, and none are as different as they may seem. He'll soon discover that when it comes to cupcake-addicted ancient Welsh goddesses, you should be careful what you wish for.

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Toggle navigation. Edward McNally, P. You are not a priest, a blacksmith, a farmer, a baker … you are nothing but a shepherd of sheep, a watcher of flocks. You are weak and you have nothing. But I have a need, therefore you have a value. Am I but a court jester for your amusement? The movement took an uncomfortably long time. The beating of hearts and the inhalation of breaths could be heard. Every living being in the room but the shepherd stood, locked in fear at what the vampire might do.

Slowly, or quickly? Upon hearing the prayer, Kurvail launched into an agonizing scream. Silence yourself or suffer the same fate. As he chewed, blood and spit popped and spurted from between his lips.

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Although the Germanic flesh has the best taste, I am partial to the Franks. The sounds they make as you peel off their bits are exquisite.

Swallow my good man … swallow. The young man cowered into a fetal ball, muffling his weeping with his robes. I have such pleasures and grand designs for you. You will not be stripped of your flesh, nor drained of your blood.

Celtic Eclectic

Oh no … I have a need for you. You are going to serve me in ways you never dreamed possible. Over a century ago I was robbed of the only love I have ever known. When that happened, I swore I would exact my revenge upon the race of man. Until now, I was nothing more than one creature against millions. But with your help, I will secretly enlist an entire population of people to stand against their own. You will no longer be a slave to the Druid. You will take your gentle wisdom throughout Ireland where you will breathe the words of God over the oppressed and deposed. Give them life anew … reason to follow you.

The sound was a lyrical music none in the room had ever known. The young face of innocence looked into the eyes of the dark lord. Why would you have me deceive such a poor but proud culture of farmers and peasants?

Why would I do such a heinous deed? You see, Shepherd, the race of man stripped me of the only thing that mattered. I was once capable of love, just like you, but that capacity was eviscerated from my soul by men claiming to follow the path of God. At that moment, I swore I would exact a revenge befitting the crime. And you, my delicious young man, will be instrumental in my plan. His body trembled in fear. His voice struggled to get around the lump of his heart in his throat.

And would you beg I spare you from your fate? Beg me. Forget your dignity and beg for a mercy you doubt exists in my cold, dead heart.

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D ive into me, into my past. Feel the loss, the suffering, the hatred born of centuries of persecution. The suffering of that exact second wrapped itself around Maewyn like a cocoon of despair, and began to squeeze all hope and will from his heart. The worm of revenge threaded itself into the mind of the shepherd. Between the ebbing beats of his heart, Maewyn fully understood.

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He would comply. Will was no longer his own, his heart and soul belonged to the Vampire, Kurvail. Vlad pulled his new servant to his feet and gently kissed each of his tear-stained cheeks. And should you have need, all you need do is call my name and I will appear. When you have settled in as their one true spiritual leader your first task is to banish the snake from the garden of Ireland.

I refuse to walk upon the same soil as that detestable creature. Once you have managed that simple task, I will begin visiting you to let you know your next steps. Be my eyes and ears among the Gaelic and infect them with your venomous love and righteousness.

Celtic and Modern Folk Music for the Lute with Ronn McFarlane

Once they are held in your sway, and in the sway of your tiresome religion, they will be but a mere suggestion away from my wrath. See to it he has safe passage. Should anyone threaten to visit him harm, disassemble them with haste. As the group vanished from sight, the desire to rend asunder the living above ground overwhelmed the vampire.

The desire gave way to action and Vlad Kurvail made his way to the surface to begin a reign of terror few would escape. He would sate his need for blood and lust and return to the tunnels to await the celebration of the beginning of the end of the pestilence known as mankind. Find more information on Jack and his books at www. One man promises to unveil the truth.