Raise Happy Children, Teach Them Virtues

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A happy child enjoys his life on Earth, he feels secure with his happy parents. It is our responsibility as parents to develop, to train ourselves link to trainings and to become happier and happier. The way we live is the example we give to our children.

The Virtue of Obedience - Cheerful Chats for Catholic Children

According to Plato the goal is not the happiness of the individual but the happiness of the whole State. Aristotle also states in the Nicomachean Ethics that the purpose of human life is happiness. One can achieve happiness leading an ethical and moral life which serves the State. Romans followed the idea of good man, i. Courage as a virtue leads to happiness, and the main role in educating children for happiness falls on a loving mother. Quintilian, the outstanding representative of Roman pedagogy, names morality as the condition of happiness.

According to the human ideal of the Middle Ages the source of morality is not knowledge, but faith and love which nurtured happiness in children under motherly protection. Christianity saw the basics of happiness in love, self-sacrifice, humbleness, spirit and strive for peace. The fault in this seemingly beautiful human ideal was that love did not exclude bodily harm and children were regarded as little adults and punished accordingly.

The Renaissance was the revolution of the Self. Luckily kindness returned into upbringing and the Renaissance created the innocence of childhood.

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Humanists respected children. Teaching morals was the basics of happiness.

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Luther emphasised the importance of education in the family even more. Comenius believed in the omnipotence of education, he thought education is the cure for all problems with society. Health, good mood, knowledge, good deeds as well as the hope of incomprehensible eternal happiness of afterlife. Basically it was the Emperor who, through a well-organised public education, took care of the well-being of the state, the happiness of the public and of the individual happiness of the people. Kant rejects eudemonistic and utilitarian happiness centred models of pedagogy. He thinks children have to be educated to reach the state of clear morality and developed moral autonomy.

Kant believes that Man is led by his inner moral rules maxims. Fichte was strongly against the education for happiness of Enlightenment. The basics of education, in his view, are the ethical rules of the metaphysical world. Pukanszky, , page Fichte thinks that freedom, happiness, morality and culture can only be reached through individual efforts. Hegel, Schleimacher and Herbart also sees morality, ethics and family as the basics of happiness.

The great achievement of the 19 th century is reform pedagogy.

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At Miri Piri Academy we share the values of self-reliance, self-awareness, discipline, grit, integrity, gratitude, reverence, group consciousness, service and Cherdi Kalaa. Our program was designed not only to instill these values but to help our students develop the habit of living according to them every day. From dorm living to group sports to daily yoga and meditation to day seva, every aspect of the program is intended to help our students learn and live by these values.

Why Focus on Virtues

Question is not you are great or not. Question is, if there is a great temptation, will your character stand the test? With these ten gifts, you help your children develop the values and virtues they will need to be successful, service-full and spiritually aware. It is easy to write this list, but it is not easy to give them to our children.

How can we set aside our own personality, our fears and limitations, and develop our own capacities as parents and educators to provide the environments that will best prepare our children for life? Miri Piri Academy is launching a new project to share some of the many teachings that Yogi Bhajan gave us about parenting and raising conscious children.

It's not exactly news, but sometimes we forget ...

As a gift to those who sign up early, we are sharing this ebook, in which we explore these ten gifts further. With these ten gifts, you help your children develop the values they will need to be successful, service-full, and spiritually aware. As simple as it sounds, it is not always easy to impart these gifts to our children. How can we set aside our own personality, our own fear, and limitations, and develop our capacities as parents and educators to provide the environments that will best prepare our children for success in life?

In the coming months we look forward to sharing with you and joining in a conversation with Kundalini Yogis and parents all over the world. Build your inner resources and confidence so that when the call comes, you can uplift yourself and others. Self-reliance conquers any difficulty. Meditate so that you can know your SELF beyond thoughts and emotions. You are not body. You are not mind. You are not spirit.

Virtues: the key to raising happy kids — Aleteia

You are the combining force of these three. You are the commandant in charge of the trinity. You are not the trinity. From within your self-awareness develop personal discipline so that you can establish healthy habits for body, mind and spirit.

Develop within yourself the courage and the stamina to keep up through any challenge, within you or outside of you. The greatest progress in life is when you know your limitations, and then you have the courage to drop them. If you give your word, let the entire universe fall before you, but let your word stand.


Raise Happy Children...Teach Them Virtues!

Attitude of Gratitude. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude so that circumstances, good or bad, cannot shake you. Approach all of creation with reverence.

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