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Mild the Mist Upon the Hill by Emily Brontë

My memory I'll educate To know the one historic truth, Remembering to the latest date The only true and sole immortal youth. Be but thy inspiration given, No matter through what danger sought, I'll fathom hell or climb to heaven, And yet esteem that cheap which love has bought. And next in value, which thy kindness lends, That I may greatly disappoint my friends, Howe'er they think or hope that it may be, They may not dream how thou'st distinguished me. That my weak hand may equal my firm faith And my life practice what my tongue saith That my low conduct may not show Nor my relenting lines That I thy purpose did not know Or overrated thy designs.

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Sweet Bel, A beautiful picture plus some great morning words of natures treasure from you. God bless each day Poet Pal Bill. Short but all so sweet. Lovely poem Bel.

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God bless. Beryl, I like the choice of rhymes and the poem itself as well as the background you chose for it.

RhymeZone: mist lyrics

Nice one. It looked so lovely over the meadow this morning, we just had to take a photograph from out the window. Bless you, Poet pal Bel. Scotland12 It's just a few words, a caption to go with the picture. I really liked how the photo turned out, it looked so lovely out there this morning. Welcome to our new digital home.

Published December 08, Book of Hours, I 4. Translation by Joanna Macy and Anita Barrows, reprinted here with permission. Sometimes the framing question needs to be, well, questioned. A "clearness committee" helps our columnist find a way of asking a transformative question instead of a question of loss. Read Essays Poetry.