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What actions can turn a person into an actual monster? Can a monster be redeemed? Email Address: Email My Quote. Help Share Storyboard That!

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Start My Free Trial. Explore Our Articles and Examples. Try Our Other Websites! Have the groups use their objects to make collages expressive of The Tempest. You can also have students do this individually. As you read the play, this can turn into a multi-week project as students go in and update the "status" and events for their characters. Evaluate this based on how accurately the pages represent the personalities of the characters, and the events of the plot. Forbidden Planet came out in and is a sci-fi adaptation of The Tempest.

Instead of Caliban, the ruler has built Robby the Robot. Then, after you have finished the play, have your students write an adapted script of one of the major scenes of the play, but also in a modern genre. Bright Hub Education. Skip to content. The Tempest expresses the following themes, or major ideas, and one or more of these is the basis for all of the activities in the following sections: 1. Creative Activities In situations where you are dealing with struggling readers who are having a difficult time accessing the text on an analytical level, it can be useful to bring in more creative activities that give them access to the themes involved.

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Additional Info. Just as they prepare to eat, Ariel arrives in thunder and lightning, looking like a bird of prey, and makes the table disappear. The spirit announces "you are three men of sin" who overthrew Prospero; the shipwreck is fair punishment. The three men are deeply affected with guilt and anger and run off in different directions. Gonzalo thinks they may harm themselves in their desperation and calls on the rest of the group to follow them and restrain them if necessary. Prospero agrees to the betrothal of Miranda and Ferdinand.

He explains that the tasks he set were merely trials of Ferdinand's love, and he has proven to be true. However, Prospero cautions Ferdinand not to give way to his passions before the marriage ceremony. Ariel is sent to gather the whole company while Prospero entertains the young couple with a magic show. Ceres and Juno are called to the earth by Iris to witness a contract of true love.

They sing of the blessings to be bestowed on their marriage. Just as nymphs and reapers begin to perform a graceful dance, Prospero rises up in alarm and interrupts the show. He has just remembered the conspiracy of Caliban and his confederates. Meanwhile Ariel's music has led the trio through a maze of briers and mud. Stephano and Trinculo are disgusted and angry with Caliban who still urges them to kill Prospero.

But when they get to Prospero's home, the men are distracted when they see luxurious clothing hanging on a line.

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They start to fight over the garments and force Caliban to carry what they steal. Suddenly spirits in the shape of dogs attack them. Prospero realizes that his project is almost completed. All his enemies are gathered together in one place. Ariel describes the sorrow and emotions of the company, adding that anything human would certainly feel compassion for them. Taking this cue, Prospero decides to show mercy. His reason and not his passion takes control. He realizes that "the rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance," and since they are sorry for their crimes, he has accomplished his purpose.

Ariel is sent to release them. Prospero uses his magic one last time to create music to soothe the senses and spirits of the conspirators. Ariel fetches Prospero clothes showing his true status as Duke of Milan. When the company revives, Prospero greets them and accuses them of their crimes. Alonso begs forgiveness and asks about Prospero's life on the island. Everything would now be in order except that Alonso regrets deeply the death of his son. Prospero says he too has suffered a similar loss; he has lost a daughter.

Then he bids the company to look into his home.

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There they see Miranda and Ferdinand playing chess, and all are happily united. Ariel leads in the sailors who announce that the ship is safe and sound. Caliban and his conspirators are led forward, entangled in their stolen clothes and still reeling from drink.

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Caliban has a change of heart, realizing that Prospero is a true master, not the drunken Stephano. He vows to serve Prospero henceforth.

erp.legacyrealties.com/practical-preimplantation-genetic-diagnosis.php The company retires to hear the story of Prospero's life after which he promises them safe journey home. A Midsummer Night's Dream. Spend more time teaching and less time searching. Get full, ad-free access to all our learning resources—curated and vetted by teachers and curriculum specialists—for one-low price.

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Learn more about Premium. Shakespeare's last play, The Tempest , covers the serious topics of colonialism and imperialism, making this work perfect for cross-curricular study. This guide includes a detailed synopsis and suggested teaching activities for before, during, and after reading the play. Reading and Literature 3, Banned Books and Censorship Famous Explorers