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His newspaper column, radio and TV broadcasts were avidly followed by plant lovers from the s until his passing in Teho was the first naturalized Filipino-American citizen in Hawaii, the first Filipino graduate of the University of Hawaii, a graduate of Mid-Pacific Institute and a winner of many awards for public service and garden writing.

Contact Petroglyph Press at Kamehameha Ave. Your email address will not be published. Share this story. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Franklin made herself a model of empowerment and pride. She was, after all, the Queen of Soul and. That's a Good Thing [Artificial intelligences already outperform us at many tasks and are now able to train themselves to reach competencies in restricted domains such as chess or Go that we can barely comprehend.

All this blurs the boundaries between body and machine, between mind and world, between standard, augmented and virtual realities, and between human and post-human. Now she's on the professional circuit. Gabrielle Hamilton said "No way. Cooking is craft. She was only the second woman in American history to have a son of hers follow his father to the White House.

Bush's distant relative was Franklin Pierce. Facebook had even kept a permanent record of the roughly people I had deleted from my friends list over the last 14 years, including my exes. By Brian X. The National Enquirer has taken a decidedly political, and pro-Trump, turn. Trump's close friend David J. Pecker, is chairman of American Media Inc. Hawking did not allow his physical limitations to hinder his quest to answer "the big question: Where did the universe come from? Pink Floyd Album: "Keep Talking"; 3.

Four episodes "The Simpsons ; 4. Philip Glass Opera "The Voyage"; 5. I have so much I want to do first. It is a complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all. I am an atheist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It stays on the London Times best-seller list for four years. He was only 22 when he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease , which usually kills in years. By the time he died, he had lived with it for half a century.

Stephen Hawking liked to say he was born years to the day after Galileo died , and he died on Wednesday, years after Albert Einstein was born Video: Let's explain A. He died on Sunday in Miami Beach at age DJIA plunged 1, Walker had the longest tenure of any cartoonist on an original creation, King Features, which began its syndication of "Beetle Bailey" in , said in a statement.

It's from this that we derive Thanksgiving as we know it. The holiday wasn't made official until , when President Abraham Lincoln declared it as a kind of thank you for the Civil War victories in Vicksburg, Miss. It's No Mona Lisa. Rybolovlev soon afterward. Mu Soeng's Heart Sutra : "Things exist but they are not real. Tittle after being slammed to the ground by a Pittsburgh Steelers lineman in Pittsburgh on Sept. The photograph immortalized Tittle in football lore as an image of the aging warrior who had finally fallen.

He was a balding field general discarded by SF 49ers. By Thomas L. He dabbled in real estate investments. By Jose A. Mass killing of innocents, even on the scale of Las Vegas, does not automatically meet the generally accepted definition of terrorism, which requires a political, ideological or religious motive. The only thing that limits us is time.

You can get another job or lover. Dutch philosopher Joel Anderson defined proscrastination as "Culpably unwarranted delay. While procrastination is a vice for productivity, I've learned that it's a virtue for creativity. Mark Zuckerberg now acknowledges the dangerous side of the social revolution he helped to start. But is most powerful tool for connection in human history capable of adapting to world it created? Pirsig, Author of 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,' Dies at 88 His book published in to critical acclaim and explosive popularity, selling a million copies in its first year and several million more since; novel contemplates relationship of humans and machines, madness and the roots of culture.

It required a room of its own beside his office. Goode" and "Roll Over Beethoven". A microdose, as she explains, is anywhere from one-tenth to one-fifteenth of what one would find on a garden-variety tab of acid. Feel It. Touch It. An accomplished writer once warned me that if I were to become a writer, I would have to work another job to make a living. I decided to get a political science degree. By Nicholas St. Fleur, NY Times, MUSIC: Leonard Cohen, Epic and Enigmatic Songwriter, Is Dead at 82 Around , he abandoned his music career and moved to the Mount Baldy Zen monastery , where he was ordained a Buddhist monk and became the personal assistant of Joshu Sasaki , the Rinzai Zen master who led the center; Cohen recorded songs in five decades on themes of love and faith, despair and exaltation, solitude and connection, war and politics.

Trump's win foreshadowed an America more focused on its own affairs while leaving the world to take care of itself. Problem is not a lack of material riches. It is the growing number of people who feel they are no longer useful and no longer needed. Scientific surveys confirm that those who serve others are more happy than those who do not. The more we are one with rest of humanity, the better we feel.

He fired 84 pitches, retiring first 14 batters he faced. He allowed only three base runners. He dominated. Adrian Gonzalez's homer in 2nd inning was only run of game. So he replaced Heyward, who had struck out to end the eighth, with Albert Almora Jr. Am I to Blame? I've been diabetic for about 6 years, since age Conor Gillaspie: "There's absolutely no reason to let my happiness depend on whether I get a hit or not.

She was 21 at the time. By Margalit Fox, NY Times, The Met and a New Logo The Metropolitan Museum of Art's new official design, which generated strong negative reactions this week, is part of a larger rebranding effort that the museum says is meant to signal a more welcoming, accessible, current institution.

Architecture critic Justin Davidson, called it a "graphic misfire".

I remain Irish. And Irish women don't let themselves go. Poet Laureate Who Won Pulitzer, Dies at 87 His work was vibrantly, angrily and often painfully alive with the sound, smell and sinew of heavy manual labor; Levine died on Saturday morning, Feb. It sends birds spiraling aloft.

It ripples lakes and ponds, making the sun glint. They renew our faith in doing things together. Women using certain digital tools decreases stress. Removing the obstacle of absurdity does not entail that meaning rushes in. But if we cannot remove the obstacle of absurdity then it will be hard to conclude that life has meaning or determine what that meaning might be. Donaldson had a dedicated corner at home where he wrote. He died last month at 95, kept carrying mail and writing. Dogs domesticated 30, years ago.

Dogs want to be "man's best friend"; cats, not so much. Asians are the fastest-growing racial group in America, but their proportion of Harvard undergraduates has been flat for two decades. Down the block from Yahoo is a 27,square-foot warehouse of Weird Stuff, a person company that buys the office detritus that start-ups no longer want. It's not quite the New Look, or the New Deal, but it's the new normal. So this tax, cannot be introduced. Will we master it, or will it master us? By Daniel Lewis, NY Times, Cave Paintings in Indonesia May Be Among the Oldest Known Paintings of hands and animals in seven limestone caves on Sulawesi had previously been dismissed as no more than 10, years old, are now estimated to be at least 39, years old.

Hell, and Wiliam E. Moerner circumvented a basic law of physics and enabled microscopes to peer at the tiniest structures within living cells. By Lawrence K. Humpback whale songs have rhythm, form, themes, variations, repetition and innovation. Disorder, Part 4 Israel chose to deliberately leave Hamas in power in Gaza because it did not want to put Israeli boots on the ground and try to destroy it.

Cook, Apple' s CEO, introduced a smartwatch, a wearable device that combines health and fitness tracking with communications. By Sindya N. Bhanoo, NY Times, A Call for a Low-Carb Diet that Embraces Fat People can sharply reduce their heart disease risk by eating fewer carbohydrates and more dietary fat, with the exception of trans fats. By James R. Students are missing an education in career training. We can take comfort in knowing there are around 77 million boomers, the largest generation in the United States population.

Someone turns 50 every seven seconds. And their numbers are rising. It's the worst anxiety associated with any move. It's not another Holocaust, but it's bad enough. By Deborah E. And the only thing faster than Williams's mouth was his mind. Williams as an alien. But for all the hype, it's still unclear exactly how and when 3-D printing will have an impact on our daily lives. We watch an average of five hours of television per day. For every hour of YouTube video you watch, there are 5, hours of new video just posted! Monthly subscription services from Amazon, Oyster and Scribd offer access to unlimited e-books.

Prospect of not being successful terrifies them, disorients them. Part of literature's power may be in its ability to offer two very different experiences: That of feeling oneself represented, and that of inhabiting the consciousness of someone totally unlike oneself. Or Shiva? Or Vishnu? Interviewed Jonardon Ganeri on Hindu philosophy: There is something strongly anti-individualistic in this practice of inwardness, since the deep self one discovers is the same self for all.

Comprehension may still be a problem. Mizruchi's Brandon's Smile Brando made the movies he appeared in better, therefore the films belonged to him. If chips doubled in power every two years, people wrote device software anticipating the increase. The new math of the '60s, the new new math of the '80s and today's Common Core math all stem from the idea that the traditional way of teaching math simply does not work. Jordan Metzl, a sports medicine physician, developed an extreme total-body workout routine called Ironstrength.

He now teaches free exercise classes all around New York City. Listen to What's Going Wrong; 2. Do Everyday Math Out Loud; 3. Reclaim the Dreaded Dots; 4. Combine Memorization With Understanding; 5. Introduce Big Ideas Early. By Joshua A. Slipher, director of Lowell Observatory at Flagstaff, Arizona reports color photograhs of Mars show gradual change in planet's appearance, suggesting growth of vegetable matter.

Try 2 Out of Recent five-year study of mutual funds, consistently strong performance found to be remarkably rare. I'll never crack its meaning, moments like that make rereading a genuine joy. Facebook was testing a buy button on its desktop site and its mobile app. Their insulin sensitivity, which is affected by shifts in blood sugar, improved. They outnumber human cells and account for In , Jacob Spencer filed a patent for the first versatile pack: "A hot and cold compress comprising a tough flexible sealed envelope, and a neutral gel within.

James Howard Williams, known as Elephant Bill. By William C. Baseball is a team sport, but it is basically an accumulation of individual activities. Soccer is a game about occupying and controlling space. Han Dong-Pyou faked tests, spiking rabbit blood with human proteins to make it appear that the animals were responding to the vaccine to fight H.

Simons 's career is mind-boggling. By William J. Knowledge interprets experience through human cultural understanding and experience. Metaphor is the key. Metaphor helps you move forward. It is heuristic, forcing you to ask new questions. The hope is that this transparency will improve therapeutic trust and communication. A skilled doctor cures patients internal and makes a good living instrumental motive. Exercise helps to keep brain robust in people with an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease. First Western philosopher Thales fell into a well because he was looking up to the stars.

Scientists think they already have the answers to all these philosophical questions. Mallon: Novelists' lives are considerably less interesting than they used to be. Biographical fact can deepen our emotional pleasure in a novel. Kirsch: It is impossible to read Pride and Prejudice without developing a vivid sense of the kind of person Jane Austen must have been.

Rowling, as Robert Galbraith Publishing is currently undergoing a period of rapid changes and fresh challenges, but one thing remains as true today as it was a century ago: Content is king. By Eli J. By Richard A. Among people ages 16 to 29 with a B. No reason to believe American colleges are the best in the world. Tiler: "I think you could tell by the way we look at each other. World War I destroyed kings, kaisers, czars and sultans; it demolished empires; it introduced chemical weapons; it brought millions of women into the work force.

Thomas Gilovich : The hot hand was an illusion caused "by a general misconception of chance. A composite ranking of where Americans are healthy and wealthy, or struggling. Book's most important champions were women. By Dwight Garner, NY Times, Pediatrics Group to Recommend Reading Aloud to Children From Birth Highly educated, ambitious parents who are already reading poetry and playing Mozart to their children in utero may not need this advice to read more to their kids. Batman was 4 with over , copies. At No. His first assignment: Drawing Superman.

Gould, now a novelist, applied her sting to American celebrity culture, in particular the Manhattan media elite. She's no longer looking for attention and vanity. By Justin E. By Henry M. Paulson Jr. Discussion whether we are living in a new revolutionary age, or just a continuation of the old one. Kwolek, Inventor of Kevlar, Is Dead at 90 DuPont chemist invented technology behind Kevlar, a virtually bulletproof fiber that has saved the lives of 3, police officers from bullet wounds. On Thursday, it said Milky Way dust may have skewed the findings. Better writers' brain waves are similar to those skilled at other complex actions, like music or sports.

Young points out , progress in most domains is not linear. In learning a language or taking up running, improvement is logarithmic.

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As you get better, it gets harder and harder to improve. I invite that person to sit at the head of the class as a sign that he or she has attained some kind of Zen Writer satori state.

On the one hand poetry is the easiest way to induce wakefulness into language. It was ayahuasca eye-uh-WAH-skuh tea, hallucinogenic brew from the Amazon that they hoped would open them to personal insights through optic and auditory hallucinations. They see their primary role as nurturer, not breadwinner. Men are also more stressed about work-life balance than their fathers. By Monique O. Lauten's best-known composition, "Waking in New York" , is a chamber-opera setting of a cycle of poems by Ginsberg about the life of the city and its people. Risk by its very nature threatens to hurt you. Rhoden questions if horse racing industry deserves a Triple Crown winner.

Be Fair; 2. Don't give so much homework; 3. Treat us more like people. Look West, Harvard Riding a wave of interest in technology, Stanford University has become America's "it" school, by measures that Harvard once dominated. By Karen Rosenberg, NY Times, Scientists Report Finding Reliable Way to Teleport Data Dutch physicists reported in Science on teleporting information between two quantum bits separated by three meters, or about 10 feet, overriding Einstein's "spooky action at a distance". Angelou called me on the telephone, the second poet to read for a presidential inaugural calling the fourth, her sense of history and of community fully evident in the gesture.

I am forever in her debt for that.

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By Charles M. By Dennis Overbye, NY Times, Matter: Stronger Brains, Weaker Bodies A study of metabolism among different species suggests that humans evolved to send more energy to our big prefrontal cortex and less to our muscles. The "curse" part is being debunked. Sebastian Seung's MIT lab; Cube of retina tissue, like 3-D coloring book, tracing piece of yarn through an extremely tangled ball.

Her symptoms have lessened significantly. Cambridge, Mass. If a ship is sinking, maritime tradition dictates that the captain ensures the safe evacuation of every passenger before he evacuates himself. I'll Take It She fell in love with her psychotherapist, and wished to be friends, but he said no. Promotion, however tricksy or inglorious, is just a way to find your people, or to let them find you.

Financial Times: Is the most influential economics book of the year built on bad math? And I think the great scientists do that. Click Full Screen: Slide show of 11 ice cream cones, trucks, and locales. And those words are "privacy", "local", "average' and "later". They like the wheel. Bryan College now says Adam and Eve "are historical persons created by God in a special formative act, and not from previously existing life-forms. Without a rival system to test them, democratic governments have decayed across the globe. Ideas are immortal. Indeed the true measure of intellectual greatness, according to Goethe, is "posthumous productivity.

Here's Why Factors in the environment have triggered fat cells in our bodies to take in and store excessive amounts of glucose and other calorie-rich compounds. Writing fiction is, in many ways, like a religion. Miya Tokumitsu's article in Jacobin magazine argued that the "do what you love" ethos so ubiquitous in our culture is in fact elitist because it degrades work that is not done from love.

Daniel Kahneman's Thinking, Fast and Slow : overconfidence is our main cognitive problem. In Baseball's Shifting Defenses, Maybe Nobody In , with the infield shift, Pirates turned double plays instead of in , fourth most in the league. Their pitchers' earned run average dropped to 3. Marcy: Finder of New Worlds Geoffrey Marcy of the University of California, Berkeley, has discovered scores of alien worlds, so-called exoplanets circling distant stars.

The greatest threat to extremism isn't drones firing missiles, but girls reading books. But this cynicism is no achievement. By Michael S. Hershey Jr. By Susan Stewart, NY Times, Gerald Guralnik, a 'God Particle' Pioneer, Dies at 77 Guralnik is one of six pioneering physicists who in the s came up with a theory that would lead to the discovery of a subatomic particle.

By David E. By James B. Using Firefox 29, I've found it to be quite speedy and free of bugs. Text Your Friends HD voice expands the sound of a cellphone call from about four octaves to more like seven. Vulnerability affected all of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser. No personal info revealed to outsiders. Take a Walk For millenniums, writers and artists have said that they develop their best ideas during a walk. Stanford's Marily Oppezzo's paper : Walking boosts creative ideation in real time and shortly after. Studies of fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster , have found that some species have new genes, suggesting recent evolution.

New genes come into being at an unexpectedly fast clip. Today that system is under assault in Egypt, Ukraine, Syria, China. Absolute brain size is a much better predictor of success. In this dramatization of transcripts from a legal deposition, a lawyer becomes embroiled in an absurd argument about the definition of a photocopier. Buddhist encourages seeing ourselves as impermanent, interdependent individuals, linked to one another and to our world through shared commitments to a reduction of suffering.

No Moral Reckoning Good books are "balanced" in a moral sense. They are the very source of accountability, a word that in fact derives its origin from the word "accounting". Can you find the mistakes in Kristof's Bible Quiz? They have the rib eye, and we have the erector spinae.

Laszlo Bock encourages students to work hard, not take an easy path, whatever classes they take. By Wayne J. It's differences in financial capital. By Evan J. This extraordinary camouflage allows them to hide in plain sight against many different backgrounds. It takes two shots, one from the phone's main camera and one from the camera that faces the user. Then it combines them into a single image. The result is a self-portrait in context, with a sense of the scene around you. Business Insider called it the "greatest graduation speech ever". Mouse research paper connections among mouse brain regions to create Atlas.

Death has become a transition device. Neither Kirk nor Pepper Potts nor Loki actually dies. I never thought much about God, certainly never wondered whether God was thinking about me, until I fell in love with a Zen Buddhist priest. By Robert H. Only activities motivated by a concern for others' well-being, could be truly "constructive".

By Arthur C. Johnny Depp stars in Transcendence a science-fiction film about a futurist whose consciousness is uploaded onto the Internet. He expands like the universe, growing larger and mutating into a being who is godlike and yet far from divine, sort of like a star at the apex of his popularity. At age 37, with 20 books to his name, he's a significant fixture in Spanish-language literature.

This is unusual only because my book was never published. By Jason K. When is it ethical to pretend to be someone you're not to learn information that could be beneficial to society? But on rare occasions, that is necessary for the greater good. A form of carbon, it can conduct electricity and heat better than anything else; Not only hardest material but also one of most pliable.

Philosophers call this view "hedonism" about happiness; this approach is also wrong. By Daniel M. Korn's column on how universities should approach academic freedom; Academic culture should conform to left-wing ideas of the good, beautiful and true. School has Muslim prayer room, Hindu puja room, ark holding Torah scrolls, Buddhist meditation spaces. We are self-sorting, not only along racial lines but also along educational and income ones.

We know tricks for teaching kids to become high achievers. Book is really a morality tale. Instead, they are random responses to reduction and despair. By Laurie Goodstein, NY Times, OP-ED: Why Liberalism Needs Pluralism Liberals should hesitate a little longer the next time they're inclined to think that the rights of the individual must trump the liberty of institutions, communities, and groups.

People shoot for happiness but feel formed through suffering, and ennobled by it. Problems With Big Data Biochemists like to infer 3-dimensional structure of proteins from their underlying DNA sequence, but cannot solve this problem by crunching data alone, no matter how powerful the statistical analysis. Among the women who join the field, 56 percent leave by midcareer. Mahan said that with his popular CS50 at Harvard, "Introduction to Computer Science", he was "setting out to create not a course for students, but a college experience.

Matthiessen "our greatest modern nature writer in the lyrical tradition"; Became Zen priest; Snow Leopard won National Book Award for nonfiction. It has been a part of the millennial generation accused of been apathetic, lazy and narcissistic. In , a Florida woman Diane Duyser sold a decade-old grilled cheese sandwich that bore a striking resemblance to the Virgin Mary. Stores that sell books are disappearing in the face of new technology and online venues. What does this mean for readers and the industry?

By Jen A. The novel, then, is in itself his mental world. A novelist is not a tiny cog in the great wheel of human thought.

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He is a tiny cog in the great wheel of imaginative literature. That makes for a lot of cool apps. But great technology? Not so much. Quick personal advancement is mandatory. Medicine is astrology because the forces governing the body are the forces governing the heavens. It'll give Mark Zuckerberg an intriguing new technology to further the cause of Internet. Not in the traditional sense, at least. In my 20s someone told me that each person has not one but 30 soul mates walking the earth. Short meetings take place on foot.

It doesn't just close intellectual doors, it closes perceptual doors as well. Or is it false? These slices of language come through the air, begging to be heard, mini vacations into other lives. Then Dots. And now Flappy Bird. Savage outline method for detecting our world is actually a computer simulation. Too woo Twitter followers, a trail of self-promotional tweets.

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Your content has to be useful to people otherwise it's seen as spam. For a pound dog, 9 ounces of milk chocolate can cause seizures, but it takes only 1. By Abigail Zuger, M. But question their weights and their mouths clamp shut. Bergmann, Psychoanalyst and Woody Allen's On-Screen Philosopher, Dies at Bergmann became known to a wide general audience for his unplanned, much-praised role as a philosopher in Woody Allen's film, Crimes and Misdemeanors. Associate Justice of Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayor is Puerto Rican descent, in the 5th grade she asked smartest girls in her class on to "how to study" and got good marks, and went to Princeton.

Nobel laureates. The room uses surround sound, augmented reality and other technologies to recreate the real world. There is no easily identifiable subject, no clear representational form. The show "What Is a Photograph? Kaplan-Meier survival curves, are one way to measure progress in cancer treatment. Munro appeared by video during an event at Symphony Space on Wednesday night.

Millions of Americans take fish oil supplements to promote heart and vascular health. But a new analysis suggests that some consumers may not always get what they are paying for. Baraka, the poet and playwright who helped forge the Black Arts Movement of the s and s and who died Jan. Whyte's methodology, taking time-lapse films of four major urban nodes to better understand how people used the spaces and how they might be improved.

You can put your faith in others, doing so leaves you vulnerable. Doctorow: By the Book Author of Andrew's Brain and Ragtime sometimes puts down a book because he can see where the story's going. By Rod Nordland, NY Times, Ariel Sharon, fierce defender of a strong Israel, dies at 85 Sharon was both vilified and admired for his belief that Jews must assert and defend their collective needs without embarrassment or fear of censure. Please Don't Tell.

By Elizabeth A. Pseudo-currency is close enough to collapse to merit an early retrospective. Go, Dog. Thru Oct Sep 7-Oct The Constant Wife, W. Somerset Maugham; dir: Shelley Butler. Sep Oct 6. Hartford Stage, Hartford, , hartfordstage. Yale Repertory Theatre, New Haven, , yalerep. Resident Ensemble Players, Newark, , rep. Sep 6-Oct 7. Mosaic Theater Company of DC, ext 2, mosaictheater. The Shakespeare Theatre Company, , shakespearetheatre. Ruth, Mark St. Germain; dir: Chris Clavelli. Co-production with Aurora Theatre. Alliance Theatre, Atlanta, , alliancetheatre.

Sep 5-Oct Aurora Theatre, Lawrenceville, , auroratheatre. Georgia Ensemble Theatre, Roswell, , get. Horizon Theatre Co, Atlanta, , horizontheatre. Serenbe Playhouse, Chattahoochee Hills, , serenbeplayhouse. Honolulu Theatre For Youth, Honolulu, , htyweb. Company of Fools, Sun Valley, , companyoffools. Joseph Cox; dir.

Josh Cobel. Chicago Shakespeare Theater, , chicagoshakes.

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Halcyon Theatre, Chicago, , halcyontheatre. Northlight Theatre, Skokie, , northlight. Oil Lamp Theater, Glenview, , oillamptheater. Germain; dir: Josh Johnson. Steppenwolf Theatre Co, Chicago, , steppenwolf. Thru Nov 4. Williams Street Repertory, Crystal Lake, , wsrep. Witch, Jen Silverman; dir: Marti Lyons. Sep Dec Phoenix Theatre, Inc, Indianapolis, , phoenixtheatre. Balderston, Hamilton Deane; dir: Drew Fracher. Commonwealth Theatre Center, Louisville, , commonwealththeatre.

Playmakers of Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, , playmakersbr. Haley Schroeck. Penobscot Theatre, Bangor, , penobscottheatre. Teri Gibson. Ben Butler, Richard Strand. Center Stage, Baltimore, , centerstage. Everyman Theatre, Baltimore, , everymantheatre. Maryland Ensemble Theatre, Frederick, , marylandensemble. Rep Stage, Columbia, , repstage. Theatre Project, Baltimore, , theatreproject. American Repertory Theater, Cambridge, , americanrepertorytheater. Borrowed Cash: Busted! ArtsEmerson, Boston, , artsemerson. Huntington Theatre Company, Boston, , huntingtontheatre. Thru Oct 6.

SpeakEasy Stage Company, Boston, , speakeasystage. Alan Bailey. The Clean House, Sarah Ruhl; dir. Megan K. Craig Johnson. Thru Nov Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, , guthrietheater. Penumbra Theatre Company, St. Paul, , penumbratheatre. Pillsbury House Theatre, Minneapolis, , pillsburyhouseandtheatre.

Ham; dir: Haley Finn. The Coterie Theatre, Kansas City, , thecoterie. Kansas City Repertory Theatre, , kcrep. Metro Theater Company, St. Louis, , metroplays. Sep 7-Nov 1. The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, , repstl. Louis, , stlas. Omaha Theater Company, , rosetheater. Sep Nov 9. Sep 7-Oct 7.