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The fear of conspiracy functions as a recurring motif in many American cultural forms including novels, film, television, certain genres of music like hip-hop and rap, graphic novels, and social media. To develop an awareness of the theoretical approaches to this topic particularly within literary studies, cultural studies, and the sociology of knowledge.


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To foster skills in critical and cultural analysis and oral and written presentation skills at a level appropriate to final year degree work. Demonstrate knowledge of how conspiracy fears have been expressed in American culture in the past and present;.

Suspicious Minds: Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories - Rob Brotherton

Research and construct a convincing argument using appropriate methods of scholarly presentation;. Carry out independent research; critically analyse different kinds of texts; summarise complex arguments; work in groups; present ideas in oral and written communication;. Communicate reading and research effectively, through oral presentations and discussion; develop and sustain an argument, drawing on appropriate resources.

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You will also be asked to watch television programmes and films. These are available in the library, but you may wish to rent these from streaming services to watch at home. After taking the class, Shidner said she now thinks about her year-old brother, who spends a lot of time on the internet, and other people who might not know how to sort fact from fiction online.

A Campus Conspiracy by Dan Cohn-Sherbok

Earlier this month, a North Carolina man was arrested for firing a rifle inside a Washington, D. In explaining how conspiracy theories originate and what makes them believable, professors hope to help students think critically about information before accepting it as legitimate and factual.

Robert Goldberg, a University of Utah professor who is preparing to teach a conspiracy theory course next fall, said he predicts the class will spark more controversy than in the past. That kind of contemporary challenge is new for professors more accustomed to lecturing about the past.

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The sign and front entrance of Comet Ping Pong pizzeria are seen Dec. A man was arrested Sunday after walking into the pizzeria and discharging a rifle, claiming he was "self-investigating" an online conspiracy theory about a pedophilia ring being run by high-ranking Democrats, including Hillary Clinton. By Katie Reilly December 15,